TaskRabbit—founded in Boston—just added an “instant’’ feature

The app’s service just got speedier.

–Screenshot via TaskRabbit.com

TaskRabbit, an app with local origins that allows you to quickly hire freelance labor, has plans to get quicker. Instead of having to wait days or weeks to be matched up with an assistant, users can now call for backup in an instant.

Started in Boston in 2008 as RunMyErrand, TaskRabbit was designed as a means for people to outsource workers who were willing to complete everyday tasks like cleaning, errand-running, and furniture assembly. TaskRabbit’s hiring process follows a simple formula: users seeking help post jobs on the website, locate background-checked freelancers (a.k.a. “taskers’’), and set up times for them to come by help out. Think of it as Uber for people who need help hanging a shelf.


The company has been successful so far — grossing about $50 million to date, according to CNBC — and gets an average of 15,000 tasker applications a month. But recently, TaskRabbit felt pressure to catch up with the quick pace set by popular real-time services like Uber, Seamless, and Amazon Prime.

“When I founded the company in 2008, on-demand was not something that anyone even talked about,’’ Busque told CNBC. “We’ve seen the trend of mobile technology really push the trend of consumer expectation to be in real time.’’

There was a demand for an instant service before the company even launched the update to their iOS app on Tuesday. 85 percent of all TaskRabbit users access the website on their mobile devices, and the company reported that same-day demand doubled in their mobile use category before the company expedited their hiring process.

As of this week, the app has “now’’ and “later’’ options for scheduling, so customers can hire a tasker in the once-typical one-to-three day timeframe, or they can get help within the hour. Rabbits are meant to be fast, after all.

The TaskRabbit app is available in the Apple Store and GooglePlay. You can access it via desktop at TaskRabbit.com

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