Boston ranked as the best place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

This study just confirms what Bostonians already know.

Steven Senne/AP

Boston is the most Irish city in America, so it makes sense that we’re ranked as the best city for celebrating the St. Patrick’s Day, according to a WalletHub study.

WalletHub compared the 100 largest cities in the country across four key factors: St. Patrick’s Day traditions, costs, safety and accessibility, and March 17 weather. Boston topped the list, followed by Buffalo, New York (2), Omaha, Nebraska (3), Philadelphia (4), and Pittsburgh (5).

Each factor was broken down into metrics such as average potato price (very necessary for making bangers and mash), walkability, and the number of St. Patrick’s Day parties.

Another factor was the time since the city’s first parade (each city started its respective parade in a different year, so this measured the difference between 2016 and the year of each city’s first parade). As WalletHub pointed out, historians don’t all agree on who had the first-ever St. Patrick’s Parade in the U.S. Some say Boston was first with a 1737 parade, but others stand behind New York City’s 1762 parade.


Either way, Boston ranked number one in the category of St. Patrick’s Day traditions, which includes parades, as well as the percent of Irish population in the city, the number of Irish pubs and restaurants, the number of St. Patrick’s-themed races, and the number of St. Patrick’s parties.

Boston came in at number nine for the safety and accessibility ranking, number 24 in terms of weather (St. Patrick’s partiers have endured everything from a record low of 10 degrees to a record high of 70), and number 67 overall for costs.

Expense aside, a pretty great St. Patrick’s Day that all makes. So eat some potatoes, drink a pint, and take comfort in knowing you’re in the best place possible to celebrate on March 17. Well, in the U.S., at least.


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