This Maine police department lays out official plaid flannel shirt policy

The Bangor Police Department proves, again, why you should follow them on Facebook.

Have you and your spouse ever argued over who that plaid flannel shirt belongs to? Or wondered who the shirt belongs to if it’s found “behind the seat of a pickup truck’’ or near a woodpile?

The Bangor Police Department has you covered. Again. It’s already offered advice on how to prepare for snowstorms and the proper uses of a permanent marker.

Now the department has apparently been drawn into the debate over what constitutes theft and ownership of plaid flannel shirts.

In a Wednesday Facebook post the department, citing policy by the FWAOAOM (Flannel Wearers and Owners Association of Maine), answered questions about what happens if a husband wears the shirt for more than one season (ownership transfers to the spouse or significant other unless he agrees to take her to dinner or buy her something nice) and who the flannel belongs to if it shrinks a size in the wash.


“If you are from Maine or another state where flannel shirts are a wardrobe necessity, these rules should be followed,’’ the department wrote. “Police intervention is seldom required as most of the time, any flannel is owned by your wife, spouse or significant other if she deems it so.’’

Read the full “rules’’ below:

Questions have been directed at me regarding the intra-home sharing of flannel shirts. Specifically, when a person takes...

Posted by Bangor Maine Police Department on Wednesday, March 9, 2016
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