Happy anniversary to Boston breaking its all-time snow record

Cue the snowst-traumatic stress.

A couple walks hand-in-hand through the snow in Exeter Street in the Back Bay during a winter blizzard in Boston, Massachusetts, United States February 15, 2015. Outdoor scenes in Boston show local residents enjoying balmy weather amid lush greenery as the summer solstice approaches on 21 June. The very same locations suffered heavy snowstorms last winter, with snow ploughs, skiers and snowboarders battling the drifts. Boston got 275.8 cm of snow over the winter, the most since 1872, when records began. A few months after the snowstorms, Brian Snyder revisited the same places and shot pictures at exactly the same locations. REUTERS/Brian Snyder TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY PICTURE 13 OF 30 FOR WIDER IMAGE STORY "WINTER FREEZE, SUMMER SOLSTICE" SEARCH "BRIAN SOLSTICE" FOR ALL IMAGES

Though this rain doesn’t make for the easiest morning commute, it’s way better than slogging through feet on feet of snow, right?

On March 15, 2015, Boston got the record-breaking news it never wanted: After hitting 108.6 inches of snowfall, last winter had officially become the snowiest ever noted since the city started keeping records in 1872, according to the National Weather Service.

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The previous record, a mere 107.6 inches, was set in the winter of 1995-1996.

Do you even remember what it felt like to see so much snow on the ground? And to keep seeing snow in the city until July? Don’t think about it too hard; it is but a distant memory. Spring is here.


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