The best social media reactions to Boston’s snowy second day of spring

Did you really think you were getting out of winter that easy?

Sunday was the first day of spring, meaning Boston’s abnormally warm winter officially came to a close. But winter wasn’t going to go out without a bang.

As a result of snow overnight, Boston Public Schools closed this morning, a.m. commutes got mucked up, and we all wished we’d knocked on wood when we said, “Golly, looks like winter’s over!”

Try not to think about the fact that it was 75 degrees and sunny in Boston just last week. No good can come of that.

Not everyone is unhappy about the unexpected flakes–many who were bummed out by the mild winter are happy to finally have another snow day.


It's not a bad life we're living here. Room service breakfast day 2 ? #snowday #boston #mondays

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Snow day!!! ???❄️⛄️☃

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Storm conditions are expected to improve by this afternoon, and snowfall will stop by mid- to late-morning, according to meteorologist and contributor Dave Epstein. He said he’s thinking of this “as an inconvenient interlude in what’s been a very early start to spring.” So nicer weather is coming – just with some snow mixed in.


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