5 things you can get done when it’s snowy and you don’t want to leave your house

Order groceries, send your laundry out, get a haircut, and more.

Framingham, MA 2/26/15 Shelley Senai holds Juniper, 21 months, in the window of their Framingham home, surrounded by snow.
 The Senai family are very worried about damage to their home from snowmaggedon, or the epic winter of 2015. This is their first winter in the house, and their first real house(lived in a condo and moved to the house in August). Ava, the pit bull, is particularly high-strung- she jumps when she hears the cracking ice sounds and freaks when the dad, Andreas, is shoveling off the roof. Andreas worries about ice dams and leaks.
Portraits include Shelley and daughter Juniper, 21 months, as well.
Shelley Senai holds Juniper, 21 months, in the window of their Framingham home, which is surrounded by snow on Feb. 26, 2015. –The Boston Globe

Snow can mean canceled plans, days spent on the couch in sweatpants, and languishing to-do lists. But as it turns out, many companies have made it their business to take care of your errands and chores. Here’s what you can accomplish from your warm house — fuzzy slippers optional. (And we won’t tell if you keep using these services long after the snow has cleared.)

Order groceries

What’s more frustrating than a grumbling stomach, an empty pantry, and a snow-laden driveway? Answer: Not much.

The on-demand grocery delivery company Instacart delivers groceries to your door in as little as one hour from stores such as Whole Foods, Costco, Market Basket, Petco, and more, and the San Francisco-based company just expanded to 20 more Boston-area zip codes due to a high high demand in the Boston area, according to the Boston Business Journal. The delivery fee is $5.99.


Peapod by Stop & Shop offers next-day delivery and charges $9.95 for orders between $60 and $100 and $6.95 for orders of $100 or more.

If very dangerous weather stops drivers from delivering, both companies say they will notify you.

Get your laundry done

Is a snowy trek to the laundromat putting you off? Some companies will pick up your dirty laundry, separate the whites and colors, wash, dry, fold, and return it all to your door.

Dependable Cleaners, based in Quincy, charges $2.15 to $2.40 per pound of laundry and will get it back to you in three days, said director of operations Carlyn Parker. There is no delivery fee. The company also provides dry cleaning home delivery, which will be returned in as few as two days, depending on where you live. Dependable Cleaners delivers to parts of Boston, as well as suburbs like Newton, Walpole, and Hingham. Check their map to see if you live in their coverage area.

Parker said they make every effort to deliver in snow.

“Two winters ago, when we had 100 inches of snow, we did cancel some deliveries,” she said. “But we try our best to be on the road every day.”

Dedham-based lifewithoutlaundry.com, which serves the Greater Boston area, charges $1.99 per pound for laundry and returns it the next day. There is no delivery fee. Dry cleaning services are returned in four days.


As for bad-weather pick-ups and deliveries, owner Alex Burns said, “We do our best to stay open each and every day through the winter. Obviously, if it’s a real hazard out there, I can’t put my drivers in harm’s way.”

If a driver cannot make it to your home, you’ll receive a call or text and can reschedule the delivery, Burns said.

Need a button replaced or a pair of pants shortened? Both companies also do alterations.

Work out

When you start to feel a little cramped up inside, break out your exercise gear and sweat it out in front of your TV.

Websites such as YogaGlo.com allows you to take an unlimited amount of online yoga classes, taught by certified yoga teachers, for $18 per month. And apps like the free Nike+ Training Club act as your personal trainer by offering a variety of easy-to-follow workout videos and helping you to track your schedule and progress.

Have your hair cut


When you book a stylist through Boston-based BeautyLynk.com, haircuts start at $40 and gratuity is included. The company will send a vetted hairdresser, complete with tools and products, to your door. Appointments are honored daily between 7:30 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. The company suggests booking three hours ahead, but will honor last-minute appointments if possible. There are services for men, women, and children. Nail services will be rolled out sometime in early 2017.

As for snowy weather appointments, the company said in an email that its employees “are committed to completing the services that they accept.” However, there is an additional fee added to the service during bad weather or holidays “to make sure our stylists are being compensated for those situations.”

Receive a massage


If the weather is seriously stressing you out, a professional masseuse has got your back — literally.

Soothe.com, named one of 100 Brilliant Companies by Entrepreneur.com in 2016, will send a licensed massage therapist, massage table, fresh linens, oils, and music to your door within an hour—an hour—seven days a week between 8 a.m. and midnight, even on holidays. The company works the same way Uber does, sending a therapist to your location based on who is available and nearby. If very bad weather keeps a therapist from traveling to you, the company says you will be notified and can reschedule.

Choose between a Swedish, deep tissue, sports, prenatal, or couple’s massage. The service costs $99 for 60 minutes, $139 for 90 minutes, and $169 for 120 minutes.

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