Super Bowl wagers feature Harpoon beer, Rocky statues, and Tom Brady’s diet

Kane's Donuts, the Kimpton Marlowe Hotel in Cambridge, and even the mayor of Brockton all have something riding on the big game.

The 20-foot statue of Brockton native Rocky Marciano, the only undefeated heavyweight boxer. Debee Tlumacki for the Boston Globe

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On Sunday, Feb. 4, the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles have either a sixth or first Super Bowl ring on the line, respectively. But for the businesses and people below, it’s beer, doughnuts, and potentially massive embarrassment.

 The beer wager:

Harpoon Brewery will serve Philly Pale Ale if the Patriots lose.

If the Patriots don’t pull off a win during Super Bowl LII, Harpoon Brewery staffers will have to spend all day Feb. 5 in Eagles gear pouring Philly Pale Ale. The Super Bowl wager between Harpoon and Yards Brewing Company in Philadelphia also means that staffers at Yards will have to pour Harpoon Fresh Tracks beer in Pats gear that same day if the Eagles lose.

And the trash talk has already begun.

“We’re going to soften the pain of their loss,” said Dan Kenary, CEO and cofounder of Harpoon. “Because they’re going to get to enjoy Harpoon IPA at their brewery the Monday after the Super Bowl.”

When asked if Kenary is prepared to don an Eagles jersey should the Pats lose, he reflected back to 2008’s Super Bowl XLII, when Harpoon placed a similar bet against Brooklyn Brewery, and the Patriots lost the game to the New York Giants.

“I’ve endured worse,” Kenary said, “having to put on a Giants jersey.”

In addition to the wager, on Wednesday the breweries each began raising money for a charity of their choice and are “competing” to see which brewery can raise the most up until the Super Bowl. Harpoon will donate $1 from the sale of every Harpoon Fresh Tracks pint and $10 from the sale of every Harpoon Fresh Tracks keg to Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation, founded after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. Yards Brewing will donate the same amount of money from sales of its pints and kegs of Philly Pale Ale to Prevention Point, which works on the front lines of the opioid crisis in Philadelphia.

Another beer wager:

Samuel Adams and Jack's Abby breweries have placed a friendly wager on the Super Bowl with Philly breweries

Andy Grant, business development officer at Jack’s Abby Brewing, and Jennifer Glanville, Sam Adams Brewery manager, stand inside the Sam Adams Boston Brewery Tap Room. The goat mask in the back represents part of the bet between the Boston and Philadelphia breweries.


Two other Boston-area breweries, Samuel Adams and Jack’s Abby, have partnered up and placed a bet with Victory Brewing Company in Downington, Pennsylvania, and Yuengling in Pottsville, Pennsylvania: The losing brewery has to wear the winning team’s jersey or colors as well as a mask that represents the winning team while working on Monday, Feb. 5. That means that if the Patriots win, the Philly-area breweries will wear goat masks (to represent Tom Brady as GOAT), and if the Eagles win, the Boston breweries will wear dog masks (to mark the Eagles’ status as the underdog).

Furthermore, the breweries have agreed to raise money for a good cause in their respective opponent’s city this week: The Boston breweries are accepting donations to help preserve the bald eagle, while the Philly breweries are accepting donations to maintain the Freedom Trail.

And yet another beer wager:

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey at a ceremony to dedicate the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate in Boston in 2015.

Two Massachusetts and two Pennsylvania senators are wagering beer on the big game.

If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, Pennsylvania Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey will deliver beer from Yards Brewing Company, as well as Philly cheesesteaks, to Massachusetts Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey.

If the Eagles win the Super Bowl, Senators Warren and Markey will deliver beer from Jack’s Abby in Framingham, Notch Brewing in Salem, Flying Dreams Brewing in Worcester, and Cisco Brewers on Nantucket to Senators Casey and Toomey.

The hotel wager:

Kimpton Marlowe in Cambridge has a challenge for Kimpton Monaco in Philadelphia.


The Kimpton Marlowe Hotel in Cambridge has a challenge for the Kimpton Monaco in Philadelphia: If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, the Monaco’s general manager and assistant general manager have to eat like Tom Brady for 12 days straight and document it on social media.

Joe Capalbo, director of operations for Kimpton Hotels New England and general manager of Kimpton Marlowe Hotel in Cambridge, said he plans to send both managers Brady’s book, The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance, should the Pats pull off a victory on Feb. 4. Capalbo said he’ll pay for his colleagues to receive Brady’s TB12 Performance Meals, or they can do their own cooking by following Brady’s book. But whatever method they pick, they must document it.

“I need proof,” Capalbo said. “I need something on the hotel’s social media — Instagram, Facebook — just something that shows they are embracing this and enjoying eating their kale and lentils for the 12 days, hopefully with a smile on their face.”

If the Eagles win, Capalbo has to channel his inner Rocky by running along the Charles at 5 a.m. every day for 12 days straight in a Rocky-like robe that says “Balboa.” The Oscar-winning film “Rocky,” in which Sylvester Stallone plays the title character, is set in Philadelphia, and Stallone, who is a huge Eagles fan, went to high school in Philly. (Incidentally, the actor has been banned from the Esplanade until after the Super Bowl.)

“I don’t think I’ll be running at 5 a.m. after this game,” Capalbo said. “I think they’ll be the ones eating.”

The statue wager:

Rocky vs. Rocky bet with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney

Having some good natured fun (and bragging) with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney while being interviewed by Washington, DC NBC affiliate on our “Rocky” v. “Rocky” #SuperBowlLII wager. Props to Keith Hayes for the idea! TAG: New England Patriots The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon The Enterprise of Brockton

Posted by Mayor Carpenter Champion Foundation on Thursday, January 25, 2018

Speaking of Stallone: The mayors of Brockton and Philadelphia have also placed a friendly wager, this one dubbed the “Rocky vs. Rocky bet,” involving famous boxer statues in their respective cities.


If the Patriots come out victorious in the Super Bowl, the iconic Rocky Balboa statue in Philadelphia will be dressed in Patriots gear, said Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney. If the Patriots lose, the statue of the undefeated Rocky Marciano outside of Brockton High School will be dressed in Eagles gear, said Brockton Mayor Bill Carpenter. The mayors discussed the bet in a video posted on Carpenter’s Facebook page on Thursday.

“I don’t know how long it will stay on,” Kenney said of Patriots gear on the Balboa statue in the event of an Eagles loss.

“It’s going to have to be a quick photo, I think, in either city,” Carpenter said with a laugh.

“We’re going to have to Crisco the Rocky statue so someone doesn’t climb up and take it off,” Kenney added.

The doughnuts wager:

Kane’s Handcrafted Donuts won doughnuts from Nashville’s Five Daughters Bakery after the Pats beat the Tennessee Titans in the playoffs and another dozen from Good Dough doughnut shop in Jacksonville after the Pats beat the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game.

Both times, the wager was the same: The losing team’s shop had to send a dozen doughnuts to the winning team’s shop and post a photo in which at least one baker wore the winning team’s jersey while making the doughnuts.

Now Kane’s has set its sights on Dottie’s Donuts in Philadelphia, a shop that hasn’t been exactly quiet about its support for its home team. On Monday, Dottie’s announced a ban on all Boston cream doughnuts and “New England-themed” doughnuts “until the Eagles win the Super Bowl.”

We want to issue a wager to Dottie’s Donuts if the Patriots lose the Super Bowl we will send you a dozen Kane’s Boston Cream Donuts. When the Eagles LOSE you are send a dozen of your delicious donuts! #gopats #kanesdonutsarelove

Posted by Kane’s Donuts on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

“We know that we’re going to enjoy a dozen of your doughnuts,” said Paul Delios, co-owner and president of Kane’s, in a video directed toward Dottie’s and posted to social media on Wednesday.


Dottie’s agreed to send Kane’s a dozen of its Cookies & Cream doughnuts, the shop’s replacement for the banned Boston cream doughnuts, should the Pats win. Kane’s will send Dottie’s — you guessed it — Boston cream doughnuts if the Eagles come out on top.

The history wager:

Passersby walk near the Massachusetts Historical Society in the Fenway neighborhood in Boston on June 4, 2017.

History might be at stake here: The Massachusetts Historical Society in Boston and the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia have placed a friendly Super Bowl wager involving “Cradle of Liberty” bragging rights.

The historians aim to answer the question, Which Super Bowl city is the true “Cradle of Liberty?” If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, Michael C. Quinn, president and CEO of the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, will travel to Boston to deliver a speech about why Boston is the true “Cradle of Liberty” and dine on lobster rolls and Boston cream pie. If the Eagles win, Catherine Allgor, president of the Massachusetts Historical Society, will travel to Philadelphia to talk about why Philly is the “Cradle of Liberty” and eat cheesesteak.

The museum wager:

‘Mrs. James Warren (Mercy Otis),’ (about 1763) by John Singleton Copley (left) will head to Philly if the Patriots lose. ‘Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky,’ (1816) by Benjamin West (right) will be sent to Boston if the Patriots win.

The Museum of Fine Arts has placed an art wager with the Philadelphia Museum of Art. If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, the Philly museum must loan “Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky” (1816) by Benjamin West to the MFA. If the Eagles win, the MFA will loan “Mrs. James Warren (Mercy Otis)” (about 1763) by John Singleton Copley to the Philly museum. The amount of time the winning museum will keep the iconic piece of art from the losing Super Bowl city has yet to be agreed upon.

The food wager:

Charlie Baker during a 2015 visit to the Ocean Spray Cranberry manufacturing facility in Middleborough.


Contrary to what the Massachusetts and Pennsylvania governors did the last time the Pats and Eagles played in the Super Bowl, Gov. Charlie Baker and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf have placed massive food wagers on Sunday’s game. The governors have agreed that the winner will donate the bounty to a local food pantry of his choice.

Here’s what’s on the line from Boston, should the Eagles come out victorious: clam chowder from Legal Sea Foods; apple cider doughnuts from North Andover’s Smolak Farms; Boston cream pie cupcakes and lemon bars from Koffee Kup Bakery in Springfield; Craisins from Ocean Spray in Middleborough; apple pie, chicken and pot pie, and maple syrup from Hollis Hills Farms in Fitchburg; and pickles from Grillo’s in Needham.

Wolf is betting the following Pennsylvanian foods: soup from Rooster Soup Co.; scrapple from the Reading Terminal Market; coffee from La Colombe; doughnuts from Federal Doughnuts; and donated pizza slices at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza (which provides hundreds of meals per week to the homeless in Philadelphia).

The zoo wager:

For Patriots fans, it’s all about the GOATS! Are you up for a friendly little wager, Philadelphia Zoo? Everyone in New England knows that Tom Brady is the GOAT – Greatest of All Time – and if we win the game on Sunday, we want to make it interesting. A New England Patriots win means that you’ll name your next born goat “Brady”! If we lose, Zoo New England’s next born goat will be named “Foles”, after your quarterback. What do you say?

Posted by Franklin Park Zoo on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Zoo New England, which operates Franklin Park Zoo in Boston and Stone Zoo in Stoneham, has placed a Super Bowl wager with the Philadelphia Zoo involving — what else? — a goat.

If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, the Philly zoo has agreed to name its next baby goat Brady. If the Eagles win, Zoo New England will name its next baby goat Foles (Nick Foles is the Eagles’ quarterback).

“In New England and beyond, it’s a known fact that Tom Brady is the GOAT,” said John Linehan, Zoo New England president and CEO, in a statement. “This challenge with the Philadelphia Zoo is the perfect way to have some fun and friendly competition heading into the big game on Sunday.”


Furthermore, Linehan and the directors at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo and Rhode Island’s Williams Park Zoo have placed a wager with the directors of Pennsylvania zoos Elmwood Park Zoo, Philadelphia Zoo, and Lehigh Valley Zoo. The directors of the losing zoos have agreed to clean an animal exhibit while wearing the winning team’s jersey and donate $1,000 to a program chosen by the zoo directors of the winning team.

Why Mayor Walsh is not placing a wager:

Tom Brady is handed the ball for the ceremonial first pitch by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh before the start of Red Sox’ Opening Day game last year at Fenway Park.

So where is Mayor Walsh’s Super Bowl bet? He hasn’t made one. After losing various bets involving Boston sports teams in previous years, he won’t bet anymore, according to his office.

“I figured that my betting career with mayors was over,” Walsh told WBZ NewsRadio. “The moment I stopped betting, we won the Super Bowl versus Seattle, we won the Super Bowl title versus Atlanta, and so on. I’m not going to put any jinx on the Patriots or any of our Boston teams.”