Watch the viral video of a man dressed as Elsa pushing a Boston police wagon out of the snow

The cold never bothered her, anyway.

On Tuesday night, amid a nor’easter that dropped more than a foot of snow on the city, Queen Elsa of Arendelle sprang into action.

Boston resident Chris Haynes was eating tacos at South End restaurant The Gallows when he saw the winter-loving queen run outside from the gastropub to help free a Boston police wagon from the snow — to let it go, if you will.

Haynes managed to take a video of the event, posting it to his Facebook page and writing, “Yup, that just happened. Drag ‘Elsa’ just single-handedly pushed out a stuck police wagon. Only in the South End and The Gallows.”


As of this article’s publication, the video had 3.2 million views.

The Elsa impersonator — who wore a blue and white dress and a silvery, braided wig — was Jason Triplett, a 37-year-old attorney from Boston, according to The Boston Globe. Triplett visited The Gallows Tuesday night dressed as Elsa to make his friends laugh, Triplett told the Globe.

In the video, Triplett repeatedly tries to free the wagon from the snow until he is finally successful.

“That’s what makes the video so special, I think,” Haynes told “Because of his persistence.”

Haynes said patrons inside the restaurant cheered Triplett on and then burst into applause when the wagon was freed. Triplett curtsied after the wagon drove away.

“The officers involved were especially grateful for the help and would like to thank the Elsa-impersonator for the assist,” Boston Police Officer James Kenneally, a spokesman for the department, told the Globe.

Haynes, a restaurant publicist who represents The Gallows, said he had not met Triplett before Tuesday and that the video “was absolutely not staged.” Haynes said he fielded media calls Wednesday morning from People, The Washington Post, TMZ, and from publications as far away as London, Brazil, and Ireland.


“Everyone will be over it by noon,” Triplett told People. “But if this is my 15 minutes, I would like to leverage it to meet [Olympic figure skater] Adam Rippon.”