This couple avoided the angst of wedding planning with a $36,000 click

David Bower and Nezha Mediouni were married at the Boston Harbor Hotel on April 7. –Aaron Spagnolo/Spagnolo Photography

About 24 hours after the ring is on the finger, the stress of wedding planning begins.

It’s easy to pinpoint the moment it starts: When the delighted couple, still riding high, is asked by an aunt or a cousin or a nosy neighbor whether they have chosen a date. Or a venue. Or how many people they plan to invite. And then the floodgates open. For the foreseeable future, the betrothed have to contend with the agonizing ordeal of aligning venues, caterers, and Chiavari chairs on the exact calendar date of their choosing.

If you could put a price on avoiding all that angst, what would you pay? For David Bower and Nezha Mediouni, it was a cool $36,000. That’s how much the couple plunked down to purchase an all-inclusive wedding package on the luxury sale site last spring. They were married at the Boston Harbor Hotel on April 7.

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