Meet the Boston DJ behind ‘Red Sox Nonstop Remix’

“The lyrics started flowing once I got the Drake beat,’’ he said. “I was like, ‘Yes, this is it.’ ’’

JAM’N 94.5 DJ, Maverick.
JAM’N 94.5 DJ, Maverick –Megan Joy Photography

The Boston man behind a new Red Sox anthem said the players have been listening to it nonstop. Or make that: “Nonstop.’’

The “Red Sox Nonstop Remix’’ is the brainchild of the JAM’N 94.5 DJ, Maverik, also known as Kahleil Blair of Chelsea. The self-proclaimed “lifelong Boston sports fan’’ said he was so confident in his hometown team that he started writing the song before the last game of the World Series was over.

“I saw it coming from a mile away,’’ he said.