New England Aquarium agrees it’s not known for pizza after Rob Delaney tweets about it

We’re not known for our pizza... but you CAN get to know a massive sea turtle and watch dozens of penguins up close!"

People wait in line to get into the New England Aquarium in this 2015 file photo. –Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff, file

Maybe he should have tried the fish instead.

After comedian Rob Delaney on Friday playfully commented on the Italian cuisine at the New England Aquarium’s cafeteria, the organization conceded that while it’s not known for serving up world-renowned pizza, it does have some other perks lurking in its tanks.

In a tongue-in-cheek tweet, Delaney, a Marblehead native, seemingly joked that he tries to stay positive on Twitter, but when it came to the pizza at the New England Aquarium cafeteria, he couldn’t hold back: It’s “not excellent,’’ he said.