Boston’s singing police officers are back, just in time for the Red Sox’ home opener

Wally the Green Monster joined in this time.

The singing Boston Police officers are back, and this time their inspiration is Opening Day at Fenway Park.

Ahead of Tuesday’s Red Sox home opener against the Toronto Blue Jays, the Boston Police Department posted a video starring officer Kim Tavares and Stephen McNulty, with a special appearance by Wally the Green Monster, the Red Sox mascot.

Tavares and McNulty first gained attention after the BPD shared a video of the two singing “God Bless America” last July. Their performance went viral and landed them on the “Today” show. In February, the duo sang their own rendition of Queen’s “We Are the Champions” after the New England Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl title.


In  the new video, Tavares and McNulty give Wally, who is carrying a World Series championship trophy, a ride in their cruiser to Fenway while singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

Along with the video post, the BPD wrote, “Members of the Boston Police Department will be hard at work to make sure the ballpark and surrounding areas are safe. As you can see Officers were ready to take Wally the Green Monster out to the ball game for Opening Ceremony! To the Fenway Faithful: Enjoy the game, celebrate responsibly, and get home safely! Go Sox!”

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