Elizabeth Warren gives a Twitter shout-out to her birthday twin Meryl Streep

"One of us has won multiple Oscars. Hint: It was definitely not me."

Senator Elizabeth Warren. –AFP/Getty Images

Senator Elizabeth Warren took a quick break from the campaign trail to give her birthday twin, Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep, a call Saturday, as both turned 70.

Warren campaign aide Nora Kate Keefe took to Twitter to post a photo of Warren in her iconic blue blazer talking to Streep on speaker phone. “.@ewarren is ready to celebrate her birthday with South Carolina today. but first thing’s first — a call to her birthday twin, Meryl Streep!’’ Keefe posted Saturday morning.

Warren retweeted Keefe’s post adding, “Fun fact: Meryl Streep and I share a birthday down to the year. (One of us has won multiple Oscars. Hint: It was definitely not me.) Happy birthday, Meryl!’’


The pair have reportedly talked in the past, and Streep has publicly supported liberal Democrats. Unlike a host of A-list celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Streep has expressed virtually no interest in running for office. So while Warren and Streep won’t be sharing a ticket, they could at least share a birthday card.