What are the best trick-or-treating spots in your town?

Everyone deserves treats instead of tricks for Halloween.

Beacon Hill looking festive for Halloween.
Beacon Hill looking festive for Halloween. –Chris Devers/Flickr/Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.0

In just about a week, the sidewalks of your town will be filled with miniature ghosts, ghouls, and witches as children (and their parents) hit the town for trick-or-treating. While some of us have gone decades without venturing out in search of sweet treats, the memory of running from door to door, stuffing our bags full of goodies, and marveling at the house that gave away king-sized candy bars still remain in the recesses of our memories.

We’ve written a handful of trick-or-treat guides over the years, highlighting how to be the best house on the block for candy-seekers, as well as what neighborhoods and specific streets trick-or-treaters should visit in Boston. But we want to hear from you: Which block in your town goes all-out with decorations? What street is filled with kind adults who give away enough candy to fill a child’s goody bag in one go? Which block is well-lit, light on traffic, and free of troublemaking teenagers?


Share your local knowledge in the comments section below (or let us know on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram), including the town and what you love about this particular trick-or-treat spot. We’ll publish a list of your recommendations so that everyone can optimize their trick-or-treating experience — because everybody deserves treats instead of tricks this Halloween.

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