15 of the best Halloween costume ideas

We asked for your all-time greatest. You delivered.

Kim Windyka dressed as 'SNL' character Donny, portrayed by Casey Affleck. –Kim Windyka

Halloween is almost upon us. Pumpkins, cobwebs, and other spooky decorations have likely popped up in full force around your neighborhood, photos of costumed celebrities are beginning to roll in, and you’re probably putting the finishing touches on your own costume (if you didn’t already show it off over the weekend).

Last week, we asked you to show us your best Halloween costumes from years past, and you delivered. You dressed up yourselves — as well as your children and pets — in everything from the historical to the adorable. See what these readers whipped up.

1. Vending Machine:

“This costume was made by candlelight in October 2017 because we had a big storm that knocked out power. He won the school costume contest with this one.” — Bethany Litchfield

2. Dunkin’ Donuts customer Donny (‘SNL’ character):


“I have a few Halloween costumes I’m pretty proud of, but Casey Affleck from the Dunkin’ Donuts SNL skit was my favorite (and most Bostonian).” — Kim Windyk

3. Anna, Elsa, and Sven from “Frozen”:

“Every year we dress up our boxer and family for a themed costume to enter into his doggy daycare costume contest. They are always a big hit!” — Danielle Burke

4. Roger Goodell Clown:

Roger Goodell Clown. Go Pats!” – David Tuttle

5. Erupting Volcano:

“Viola Yamane, at 5, dressed as an erupting volcano…This year, at age 7, she is having us maker a geode costume. Wish us luck!” — Stephanie Hawkins

6. Founding Fathers:

“My sisters and I as the Founding Fathers – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.  Was a very popular costume!!” –Katie Cross

7. Queen Elizabeth:

“Our daughter Penelope dressed up as Queen Elizabeth last Halloween and it was the best thing!  Photo taken at historic Gore Place in Waltham, MA.” — Emily Shek

8. Cabbage Patch Kid:

“We’ve lived on K street for a decade and Halloween is SERIOUS on this street! We get hundreds of trick ‘o treaters and many kiddos have excellent costumes. So, when our first kiddo came along we took the opportunity to have some ‘80s fun. At a little over a year, she did not seem to share the same sentiment.” — Ashley Leduc

9. Pregnant Zombie:


“I was 8 months pregnant. I decided to go for zombie baby ripping its way out of my body. It was awesome!!… The real baby came out way cuter!” – Mia Lefkowitz

10. Zombie Angel:

“This was my daughter dressed a zombie angel a few years back. She definitely scared me.” – Kathleen Leslie

11. Chicken:

“My 1.5 year old baby was looking adorable in the costume.” — Sunakshi Sharma

12. Granny Panty Avenger:

“I feel like I’ve dressed up as everything, until my sister suggested the ‘Granny Panty Avenger.'” — Stephanie Conlon

13. Ghosts:

“My three dogs dressed as ghosts. L-R: Luca, Casey and Bruno.” — Christine Rauseo

14. Skeleton:

“Last years Halloween Costume that I prepared last minute and thought was great! Thought I’d share and hope it inspires anyone to know it’s ok to do last minute costumes bc sometimes they are the best! Happy Fall and Happy Halloween!!” — Felipe Rojas

15. Hellboy:

“Halloween is always a big deal in our home. …Photo is from my daughter Lily’s engagement party last Halloween.   She’s getting married 10/2/20.” — Mike Karras

What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? Share with us in the comments below!

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