You can now flow through virtual yoga class with ‘Om Gal’ Rebecca Pacheco

The first class sold out in 36 hours.

Rebecca Pacheco is a local yoga teacher and goes by the name Omgal on social media platforms. –Dina Rudick / The Boston Globe

Rebecca Pacheco will tell you that she’s not the type of yoga teacher “to gloss over things or to ignore hard feelings.” And now, with a global public health crisis on everyone’s brain, the locally-based instructor hopes to provide a calming moment. 

“Given the unprecedented circumstances in which we find ourselves, feeling anxious is a very human and understandable response,” she said. “I won’t pretend that that doesn’t exist, it’s just that I want to help people remember the tools that they have to cope.”

Last month, Pacheco began offering near-nightly meditations via Instagram Live, each lasting around 20 minutes. Then last week, after an outpouring of requests from students and followers, the “Do Your Om Thing” author learned Zoom and launched “Yoga with Rebecca,” a weekly live yoga class on the platform.


The hour-long Vinyasa practice takes place on Fridays at 2 p.m., and costs $15 to join. The first class, on April 3, was capped at 100 spots and sold out in 36 hours. Participants tuned in from around Massachusetts, as well as California, New York, Germany, and the Netherlands. The number of spots per class has since been increased.

“Right now it’s a valuable way for people to be together, and for people to do something healthy for their bodies and minds,” Pacheco said.  

The class is designed for all levels, and all you need to participate is some open space and a computer or phone with Zoom capability. Tickets for this Friday are available on the event website.

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