NBC10 broadcaster Lindsay Iadeluca reminds that ‘words have power’ following fat-shaming voicemail

"I'm terribly sorry you felt the need to leave this on a 28-year-old woman's voicemail. Peace and Love."

NBC10 broadcaster Lindsay Iadeluca posted a video of a voicemail she received on her Facebook page. (Screenshot via Lindsay Iadeluca's Facebook page)

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Rhode Island’s NBC10 broadcaster Lindsay Iadeluca is speaking up about a “fat-shaming” voice mail that was meant to knock her down.

On Thursday, the WJAR journalist posted to her Facebook page a transcription of a voicemail a viewer called in that went into detail complaining about her appearance on air, including her weight. The message via transcription appeared to be from someone named Mike Cyronak; however, Iadeluca later found out that it was a woman and that the name was just a transcription error.

The caller said, according to Iadeluca:

“Lindsay Iadeluca, I wanna know where you go shopping cause I wanna do the same thing. Do you go for skinny girl shopping? Because you certainly do not fit in any of your clothes and you look horrendous on the TV, so why can’t you go to a heavyset woman shop and buy some clothes that fit in and maybe you can appear normally … or wear a jacket, just like other news anchor women are wearing a jacket, over your fat hips. You look horrendous. Either do that, or just get off the air then, because I don’t know who is dressing you. I don’t know if you have mirrors in your house but please look in the mirror before you get on to the news cast and look at yourself because you look horrendous … especially tonight, the freaking balls hanging off your dress and in the dress being so tight, you could see your private area. How immature do you look? How vulgar do you look?”


In response, Iadeluca wrote, “I want to let him know that I am sorry he sees my body type as vulgar and horrendous. I’m sorry my ‘fat hips’ (as you call them) offend you Mr. Cyronak. I’m sorry you are looking at my ‘private area’ instead of listening to the important news I am delivering. And most of all, I’m terribly sorry you felt the need to leave this on a 28-year-old woman’s voicemail. Peace and Love. Sincerely, Lindsay Iadeluca, a professional news anchor for NBC10 who also is a size 8/10 and couldn’t be happier with who she has become as a woman physically, mentally and career wise.”


Thousands commented to show support for Lindsay since she posted the message.

In a follow-up post, Iadeluca obtained the audio from the voicemail and played it over a video. The audio revealed that the original caller was a woman, not a man named Mike as Iadeluca had originally thought.

“Now that I have the audio and know that this came from another woman … which, women really got to lift each other up more, this is, this is tough to listen to, but I wanna play it for you guys,” she said.

“I want to thank everyone for their kindness about this. I’m not posting this to just shame a woman who clearly is unhappy, but to serve as a reminder words have power,” wrote Iadeluca.


Lindsay Iadeluca is broadcast journalist on Rhode Island’s NBC10 WJAR sunrise team. She also co-hosts “Studio 10,” a lifestyle show that airs on Rhode Island’s NBC 10 weekdays at 12:30 p.m.

Iadeluca could not be reached for comment Saturday or Sunday.