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It took a local videographer 5 years to create this stunning Boston tribute

"I just wanted to create a video that inspires people to see their city in a new light or to appreciate it like I do."

Drone shot overlooking Fenway Park and the Charles River. Sean Collins / Bodhi Films

Filmmaker Sean Collins fell in love with Boston when he moved here five years ago, and since then, he’s been compiling shots all over the city, stretching from the Public Garden to the top of the Millennium Tower.

That passion can be viewed in a new video titled “I Love You Boston,” which Collins released Tuesday on Vimeo. The head of the production company Bodhi Films said he hopes it will inspire residents to “fall in love” with the city again.

I fell in love with Boston about five years ago when I came out here,” Collins said. “And I just wanted to create a video that inspires people to see their city in a new light or to appreciate it like I do.” 


The video, taken in a series of technical shots — known as drone-lapse, time-lapse, and hyper-lapse — display sprawling images of the city, including those of a packed Fenway Park and several colorful sunsets, Collins said.

Many of the featured clips were taken from “very rare vantage points,” like the roof of the John Hancock Tower and the top of Pierce Boston, Collins said, adding that the vast majority of filming required negotiations with construction companies, building managers, and the Federal Aviation Administration to get permission.

A lot of it was choosing locations that the average person couldn’t get to,” he said. “So, I’m really trying to see things from a different perspective, especially with the drone stuff. You don’t really get that perspective in your daily life.”

Collins said the finished product is a result of months of continuous work and that he’s pleased with how his “labor of love” came out.

Every one of those very fast shots [that may have been in the video for] one second, that was me standing on top of the building for four hours, sometimes in the freezing cold doing that shot, and then spending hours editing it to make it look as good as possible,” he said.


Watch the full video below: