Love Letters

Should you text your ex? This flow chart will help.

So many roads lead to 'no.'

You’re in Week Four of pandemic isolation. Or is it Week Five? Who can remember?

That means you might be feeling more anxious and scared. Let’s not forget bored.

Maybe that’s why I keep getting Love Letters advice column questions from people who want to make contact with an ex.

It’s not just the readers — my friends are asking too.

Most of the time, I tell them not to reach out to lovers from their past. If it wasn’t a smart idea to send a message to an ex eight weeks ago, it’s probably not a good idea now.


There are some exceptions to that rule, of course.

For them — and for you — we at Love Letters made a handy flow chart you can save to your phone, share with friends, cut out and put on your fridge, or carry to bed with you so you don’t make a mistake at 2 a.m.

If you’re sending a note to anyone at 2 a.m., it should be me — at [email protected].

Design by Jason Lederman @thecolorblindfilmmaker. Contributions from Jenna Cirbo and Devin Smith.


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