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Love Letters: Would you encourage your husband to build the ball pit of his dreams?

Meredith Goldstein answers complicated questions on the Season 4 premiere of the Love Letters podcast.

Love Letters Love Letters

A Love Letters question: What would you say if your husband told you he wanted to spend thousands of dollars to build a ball pit in your home? 

Not for your kids, but for himself…because he’s alwaysreally wanted a ball pit. (Yes, I’m talking about the kind of thing you’d see at a Chuck-E-Cheese or McDonald’s.)

Would you encourage him to build the ball pit of his dreams? Would you stand in the way? What if, in this scenario, you had four kids and a ton of household expenses? 

These complicated questions are answered on the Season 4 premiere of the Love Letters podcast, which drops today. In the episode, a brave guest tells me the story of how her husband turned 40 and decided he needed a ball pit to be happy. She explains how she responded to that unique request and what she learned about her marriage along the way.


The theme of Season 4 is “At Any Age,” which means every episode will feature someone telling me the story of the most important relationship they’ve learned and the age they were when they learned it.

If you want to know what a ball pit can teach you about partnership, take a listen on SpotifyApple Podcasts, or on the player on Love Letters. Prepare to hear stories from people from 17 to 70.

This season will be a great distraction, so dive in.


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