‘Transformers’ Fan Due in Court for Modifying His Maserati to Look Like a Decepticon

Probably won’t be confused with police vehicles.
Probably won’t be confused with police vehicles. –AP/Paramount Pictures, ILM

An unidentified Braintree man is in hot water with authorities for painting his 2010 Maserati to look like a Transformer.

Like, from the movies.

The Patriot Ledger reports Braintree Deputy Police Chief Wayne Foster stopped the driver over the weekend because he “didn’t know of any [police] department that had a Maserati.’’ The vehicle had been painted to resemble the character Barricade, a Decepticon Transformer that changes from a cop car to a terrifying, spike-fingered robot that has major beef with the series’ protagonist Transformer, Bumblebee.

UPROXX points out the car appears to be a Maserati Quattroporte, a ride that “starts at $102,500.’’ They also note, “Barricade is only a police vehicle in the Michael Bay movies, and it’s actually portrayed, in vehicle form, by a Ford Mustang.’’ The juxtaposition in decision making seems… off. But so do a lot of things in this scenario.


The owner was charged with impersonating a police officer — which based on this photo, is a very fair assessment — and is due in court on a TBA date.

As Foster told the Ledger, the in-question vehicle’s slogan “Deceptions punish and enslave’’ was a bit of a detour from their usual “protect and serve.’’


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