Boston Pays Tribute to Robin Williams at ‘Good Will Hunting’ Screening in Fort Point

A crowd watched a scene with actor Robin Williams during a free outdoor screening of the movie "Good Will Hunting" at a park in the Fort Point neighborhood on Aug. 22. Williams died on Aug. 11. –Brian Snyder/REUTERS

Hundreds of people gathered at the A Street Park in Fort Point on Friday night for a free outdoor screening of “Good Will Hunting’’ in honor of Robin Williams.

The event, a part of Fort Point Stage’s impromptu movie night series, gave locals a chance to pay their respects to the late comedian, who passed away on Aug. 11.

“This one, I didn’t do a lot of promotion on,’’ said Steve Hollinger, creative director at Fort Point Stage. “But it struck a cord city wide.’’

Hollinger noted that he usually gets between 20 and 60 people at any one of his outdoor screenings, but expected “maybe a few hundred’’ to show up for Friday’s event.


The large local crowd shouldn’t have come as a surprise, considering that the 1997 classic was filmed in South Boston. However, Friday’s screening drew in more than just Bostonians, as people from as far as New York and New Hampshire, as well as even visiting tourists from the United Kingdom, were in attendance.

Debra White and her 15-year-old son, who are both big fans of Williams, came all the way from New York City to be at Friday’s screening.

“He loves Robin Williams, we both love him,’’ said White, who was also in town visiting family. “We were so devastated.’’

Even attendees who were not huge fans of the late Oscar-winner said the news of his death surprisingly hit hard.

Tom Greene, of Somerville, said he wasn’t the biggest fan of Williams, but praised him for his work outside of Hollywood, specifically the actor’s philanthropic endeavors involving cancer patients and the troops.

“I think he was a very selfless person,’’ said Greene. “He helped others more than himself.’’

While he wasn’t a Bostonian, it’s clear that Williams work both on and off the screen touched many people’s lives.

“What I liked about Robin Williams was, as an artist, you live your life in an honest way,’’ said Hollinger. “And he was a very honest actor.’’

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