Ronda Rousey calls Mark Wahlberg ‘really cool and grounded’

The UFC champion is excited to learn from him on ‘Mile 22.’

When she’s not serving up verbal smackdowns on red carpets or breaking arms inside the Octagon, somehow UFC champion Ronda Rousey finds the time to star in movies.

The women’s bantamweight title holder will reunite with Entourage co-star Mark Wahlberg in the upcoming action flick Mile 22, and couldn’t be more thrilled to start production.

During Monday’s conference call for her fight at UFC 190 this weekend, Rousey said that she sees Wahlberg as an example for how celebrities can stay grounded even when their lives are constantly in the public eye.

“It’s really nice to be able to meet people that have been able to sustain a public lifestyle and still stay really normal and cool and grounded,’’ Rousey said. “He’s an amazing example for me and, so, I’m not just excited to create something with him, but I’m really excited to learn from him, and [see how he] handles this kind of lifestyle with some of the grace and poise he has.’’

Ronda Rousey in ‘Entourage.’ —Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Before she can start production on Mile 22, there are a few challengers left for Rousey to take care of.

First on the list is this weekend’s opponent, Bethe Correia, who isn’t exactly on the champ’s good side. Should Rousey keep her title, arch-nemesis Miesha Tate will be next in line.

“Here’s pretty much the plan: I’m going to beat up Bethe, then I’m going to take a couple of weeks to rest, and then I’m going to beat up Miesha, and then I’m going to go to, I don’t know, like Thailand or wherever we decide to film,’’ Rousey said. “I’m going to prep for like a month and start filming for 8-10 weeks, and then go beat up the next chick. That’s pretty much my plan.’’

Like her mixed martial arts goals, Rousey has some interesting bars set for her film career. Which is to say, she plans on trailblazing through Hollywood in the most extreme way possible.

“I want to be the first person ever to be able to do a fight scene, a car chase, and a high jump in one, long shot with no stunt doubles, nobody else doing it,’’ Rousey said. “So there are some little things, some pieces of history, that I think have yet to be made in Hollywood I can do.’’


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