Despite the hype, Spotlight goes trophy-less at Golden Globes

The defeat no one expected.

Kerry Hayes / Open Road Films

The Golden Globes have come and gone. And, because it’s the Golden Globes, loads of things happened. Ricky Gervais said outrageous things. Jennifer Lawrence won something. Ben Affleck got made fun of. Matt Damon maybe laughed at Ben Affleck being made fun of. Jonah Hill tried to be a bear. Again: Things happened.

And then a few things didn’t happen.

In spite of all the hype, all that early praise, all the awards season buzzwords (Best picture! Frontrunner!), Spotlight fell short Sunday night in all three categories it was nominated for.

Sure, that might be no big deal to others. But to us, to the fair people of Boston, it just feels like it warrants a tragic gasp. Maybe it’s because we live here, so the story hits home. Maybe it’s because we — the people who live here — were riding the high induced by all the early praise. Maybe we were overly confident, even comfortable with the film’s recognition. Were we expecting a win? Well, yes.


Awards season is always a toss-up when so many entertaining, good movies are out there, but Spotlight was the one nobody really doubted. So why — how — did it lose?

For starters, Spotlight was nominated in three of the top categories at the Globes: Best Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Motion Picture–Drama. It was among the best-of-the-best. Who did it lose to? Best Screenplay went to Aaron Sorkin for Steve Jobs. Best Director went to Alejandro González Iñárritu for The Revenant, and Best Motion Picture–Drama also went to The Revenant. We could spend a lot of time analyzing, comparing, contrasting these works against Spotlight, but all in all, the competition was stiff.

So what does a lack of victory at the Golden Globes mean for Oscars nominations? Nothing, really. Voters’ ballots were due last week. As for what happens after the noms come out? Well, those other films will still be the rivals. And, come February, Spotlight might still capture the trophies we always thought it could. Or — dare we say? — it might not.

Who’s who in Spotlight?

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