Watch Chris Hemsworth be an adorably dumb assistant in a Ghostbusters preview

Happy Administrative Professionals Day from Ghostbusters.

Sony released a little vignette on Monday for the Ghostbusters reboot that takes a closer look at Chris Hemsworth’s character, Kevin. Hemsworth plays the assistant to the Ghostbusters clan, comprised of Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, and Kristen Wiig.

This new footage shows Hemsworth’s character as the woeful sidekick who is actually just as dumb as he is handsome. Hemsworth calls Kevin a “big, dumb puppy dog” in the featurette. Kevin is seen spitting up coffee, being bad at answering phones, and trying/failing to Ghostbust in his Ghostbusting onesie.

The featurette was released in time for Wednesday’s “Administrative Professionals Day,” which recognizes administrative assistants for all the work they do. Today, celebrate accordingly. And celebrate Kevin from Ghostbusters.

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