Survey: Tell us your favorite terrible Halloween movies

In the wake of Adam Sandler's "Hubie Halloween," we want to know which spooky flicks are so bad they're good.

"Hubie Halloween" is scary bad. Scott Yamano/Netflix via AP

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If you’ve seen Adam Sandler’s “Hubie Halloween— filmed on the North Shore and currently hovering around the top of Netflix’s weekly Top 10 list — you know that it’s not exactly what you’d call an instant classic when it comes to Halloween movies.

In the movie, Sandler plays Hubie, a kind, helpful and extremely socially challenged man who, for inexplicable reasons, is apparently reviled in his hometown of Salem, Mass. Hubie is bullied by everyone from the Salem police chief (Kevin James) to the local priest (Michael Chiklis, scary as ever), and a sociopathic narcissist played by Ray Liotta pushes him into an open grave and later tries to scare him, presumably, to death. Did we mention this is a comedy?


And yet, the movie has moments when you might find you’re having fun in spite of yourself, and not just because of the local settings like Danvers’s Portside Diner. Like when Salem’s juvenile delinquents progressively escalate their arsenal of projectiles tossed at Hubie as he rides his bike through town, or when Hubie makes ample use of his “Swiss Army Thermos,” or at Sandler’s outsized reactions to “scary” Halloween decorations. (As a Salem lifer you’d think his character would be used to them at this point.) 

At the end of the day, it’s a Halloween movie so bad that it’s good — which is a tried and true staple of the genre. With that in mind, we want to know your picks for your favorite Halloween and horror schlock-fests: the bad flicks you can’t help but love. (So we’re not talking about “The Exorcist,” Get Out,” orHalloween,” but rather the likes of “Basket Case,” “Scary Movie 4,” or “Rob Zombie’s Halloween II.” Or, well, “Hubie Halloween.”)


Answer the survey below and check back before Halloween for the list of “winners.” Boo! 

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