4 things we learned about New Kids on the Block on a boat

Hangin’ tough...on a yacht.

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Who would’ve guessed that the popstar dreams of five Boston boys in the ‘80s would lead to the seafaring shenanigans of New Kids on the Block in the 2000s?

The band is embarking on their eighth party cruise this October, something they do every year alongside thousands of their diehard fans (most of whom are women, as one might imagine). In 2015, their Carnival cruise set sail to the Bahamas from Miami for four days. This fall, they’ll go from New Orleans to Cozumel, Mexico.

As if that didn’t sound funky enough (“It’s just a four-day party,” Danny Wood said.), the guys will spend the trip filming a reality show, Pop TV’s Rock This Boat: New Kids on the Block, a peek behind the curtain of what the five men of the hour are actually doing while the rest of the fans on deck are getting turnt.


“The TV show is going to show what makes it so special,” Wood said.

The first season of Rock This Boat aired in January last year. The second season, which follows NKOTB on their 2015 cruise, premieres June 1.

McIntyre, Knight, and Wood sit down for an interview.

On Monday, Wood, Joey McIntyre, and Jordan Knight hopped on a yacht in Boston’s Seaport to spread the word about the show’s new season, which premieres next month. On the boat (which was more of the casual cocktail soiree variety than the party variety) the trio mingled with fans, sipped on beer, and tried on virtual headgear.

Here, some things we learned about New Kids on the Block on the boat:

The party cruise is all about the fans.
“We’re working, so it’s all about the fans, really,” Knight said. “It’s not as much—well, sometimes we bring family on—but it’s all about the fan experience, so that’s what we really focus on. It’s cool, though. The fans, it’s their time to get away. It’s their time to escape from life like we always do. That’s what entertainment is about. We just want to make sure that that’s we really focus on that and we give them a wonderful, wonderful time.”


The guys don’t even notice those reality-show cameras following them around all of the time. Because they’re focusing on the fans.
“The camera’s just become part of the thing,” Knight said. “They fade into the background, really. We just kind of focus on the fans, the cruise, the experience. So you get used to the cameras.”

Wood’s kids may be Miami-bred, but he raised them as Boston sports fans, as a true Bostonian does.
“My kids are all about Boston teams,” Wood said. “They grew up in Miami, mostly, and they’re not having it. They’re Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics. … It’s funny, my kids now are older. But seeing Joe’s son, Griffin, he’s all about it. He’s diehard. Pretty cool.”

McIntyre loves Boston, but also feels lucky to not live here, but really, he actually loves Boston.
“My best friends still live here,” McIntyre said. “It’s funny, there’s a different perspective when you live in the city the whole time. He’s coming to me on his cell phone being like, ‘I’ll tell ya, I don’t wanna, but, I kinda hate this place.’ And meanwhile, I’m just walking through, like, Comm. Ave., and haven’t been here in months, and this city is gorgeous. I’m lucky enough to not live here and come and just get the good parts. It’s charming. And maybe it snows when you’re here, and you’re like ‘Isn’t that beautiful?’ And everybody else is going crazy. But it’s a beautiful town, and it’s obviously grown so much since we were kids here.”


The New Kids, techin' out.


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