A Harvard Square landmark will open a live music venue next month

Acts hailing from Seattle to South Korea are slated to play in Hong Kong's third floor space.

A celebration takes place outside Hong Kong restaurant in 2017.
A celebration takes place outside Hong Kong restaurant in 2017. –Sanjay Salomon/Boston.com Correspondent

A familiar Cambridge spot known for its scorpion bowls may soon also be known for its sound.

Hong Kong, a Harvard Square mainstay since 1954, will revive its third floor as a live music venue beginning  on Thursday, March 21.

“For the last couple of years, it’s been a comedy spot. So they’d do trivia and comedy and all that kind of stuff,” Daniel Carswell, Hong Kong’s venue booker, said of the space. “But for the last year, comedy hasn’t been in the room.”

Carswell, who also serves as a promoter for Charlie’s Kitchen in Cambridge, said Hong Kong’s owner got in touch with him and wanted to see if he could bring more music to Harvard Square. The lounge’s space is intimately sized, with a capacity of 100 people. A couple of shows per week are booked through September, although Carswell noted, “if something good comes through, I don’t mind doing more of course.”


The bands he has slated to play hail from an array of hometowns, including Seattle, Toronto, and South Korea.

“One of the coolest thing about our city is that people want to play it,” he said. “That’s kind of the focus of the room. This is going to bring as much in to the city as we can.”

Though his personal preference lies in punk rock and rock-n-roll, Carswell said he would “check out absolutely everything that comes through,” whether it be techno, hip-hop, or “metal grindcore acts.”

Eight dollars will buy you a ticket to Hong Kong’s inaugural music event featuring The Berries, The Dazies, and Love Strangers, which kicks off at 8 p.m. All shows are for guests aged 21 and over. More announced acts can be found on Hong Kong Harvard Shows, the venue’s Facebook page.