Billy Joel says playing Fenway Park is a ‘humbling experience’

“I'm a New Yorker and there's a hatred for New York in Boston, but they've taken me as one of their own.”

 Billy Joel will be taking the Fenway stage this summer when the “Piano Man’’ comes to Boston on June 26.
Billy Joel. –Greg Allen/Invision/Associated Press

Billy Joel may be a born and bred New Yorker, but Fenway Park seems to have captured a piece of his heart.

Joel spoke about Boston’s legendary stadium in a Newsday article published this week. The singer-pianist is set to return to Fenway for a sold-out show on Sept. 14.

“I’m a New Yorker and there’s a hatred for New York in Boston, but they’ve taken me as one of their own,” he told the Long Island newspaper. “It’s fantastic. This is going to be our sixth year in a row playing there.”

Joel, who turned 70 on Thursday, said he’s old enough to remember the days when Ted Williams donned a Red Sox uniform.


“He was one of the greatest hitters that ever lived,” Joel said. “It’s a very humbling experience that I’m selling out the place where Ted Williams played.”

Since 2014, Joel has performed a monthly show at New York’s Madison Square Garden during a record-setting residency. In Boston, he’s earned a similar title, breaking a record for the most consecutive annual performances at Fenway with this year’s concert. He was also named the first inductee in Fenway’s new Music Hall of Fame in January.

“Playing stadiums, I don’t even know how to explain it,” Joel told Newsday. “It’s still above and beyond what I ever expected — the scale of the thing, the amount of people that are there, the atmosphere of it all. It’s spectacular.”