Eastham musician gets knocked off American Idol during ‘Hollywood Week’

25-year-old Natalia Bonfini went from performing in local bars to the stage of this well-known singing competition, but sadly her journey on the show has ended.

Natalia Bonfini of Eastham made it past the first round of eliminations on “American Idol,” but when she competed in musical duets Sunday her journey on the show came to an end.

During the show’s audition process contestants were picked from more than 100,000 audition tapes. Producers then selected who would audition in front of the judges. From there, 100 singers were picked to compete in “Hollywood Week.”

“Hollywood Week,” the first set of eliminations, included a “genre round” and a second round of musical duets.

To compete in the “genre round” contestants picked their preferred music genre from a given list, met with a mentor who specializes in that genre, and performed a song of their preference. It was filmed from Dec. 5 to Dec. 10 2021, but aired March 28.


Those who impressed the judges would proceed to the duet round. Bonfini was one of those 80 or so. On Sunday’s episode entitled “Hollywood Duets Challenge” Bonfini competed against another singer to stay in the competition.

After the genre round, the singer was given a partner, 16-year-old Louisiana singer Bryce McGlothin, and a short list of songs, Bonfini wrote in her most recent Instagram post about the process.

The pair chose “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers because it “just felt right” in light of their situation.

Unfortunately, she was not able to make it to the showstopper round. Bonfini and her assigned partner did not make the cut. She announced the news in her Instagram post Monday.

“Despite us delivering an incredible performance…both of our idol journeys ended,” she wrote on the post.

Before her elimination, Bonfini received her first bit of screen time in the genre challenge episode of the show.

Although her performances weren’t aired in season 20 episode 7 of the show, she was shown briefly in the group of singers who made it through the audition process and are now apart of the rock-genre sub-group.

She posted some behind-the-scenes shots and described her experience on Instagram.


She wrote she had chosen rock as her genre, and sang “Hand in my Pocket” by Alanis Morissette.


“I was the only female rocker to surpass this round,” read her Instagram post’s caption.

Before her stint on the talent competition show Bonfini performed at local venues such as Cape Cod Beer and Cultural Center of Cape Cod, according to reporting by Cape Cod Times. She also shared videos of her performances on her Youtube Channel.

She announced her venture onto the show via Instagram saying “I’M GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!” She went on to say she was the recipient of a “Golden Ticket” and thus was able to join the show’s first round of “Hollywood Week.”

Her audition didn’t air on the show.

Cape Cod Times photographer Steve Heaslip posted an image of Bonfini and her guitar on Twitter.

At the end of her Instagram post announcing her departure from the show she said, “If this opportunity presents itself in the future, I will 100% go on this wild ride again. But for now, I’m looking forward to a summer full of music and I’m so thankful for everything I’ve learned and the outpouring of new support from this little island we call home.”


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