Where in New England Is This Famous Wooden House?

Do you know where this wooden house is?
Do you know where this wooden house is? –Todd Atteberry

Nathaniel Hawthorne based one of his classic novels on this wooden New England mansion. The harbor-side enclave is the oldest surviving wooden mansion in the region and is rumored to have belonged to Hawthorne’s cousin, Susannah Ingersoll.

The mansion-turned-museum has a secret wooden staircase and, just like in the novel, features its own “cent-shop’’—though neither of these were a part of the original structure. And if you’re hungry, you can head over to America’s oldest candy company, which is right across the street.

Historical photographer Todd Atteberry, who snapped this photo on a bleary autumn morning, told Boston.com about the day he captured it.


“A rainstorm pelted the windows as I toured the house, and afterwards, strolling the garden, I was intoxicated by the rainy scents and vibrant colors,’’ he said. “It does cast its spell.’’

Do you know the location of the house and the novel it inspired? Post your answer in the comments.

Check back with us tomorrow for the name of the house and the New England town where it’s located. And a big thank you to Atteberry for sharing his photo with us.

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The answer: The Turner-Ingersoll Mansion is located in Salem, Mass., and inspired the novel “The House of the Seven Gables.’’

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