What Boston.com staff are happy to leave in 2019

It’s time to let go of Gronk drama, gender reveal videos, and double IPAs.

It’s almost time to bid farewell to 2019, but before we pop the champagne, Boston.com staff took a moment to remember the very local experiences, cultural trends, and personal hurdles that we are seriously happy to bury. Because some things just belong in the past.

Former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, a partner in Abacus Health Products announced the company’s partnership with Gillette Stadium, Patriot Place, and the Kraft Group at a press conference on Oct. 25, 2019. —Photo by John Tlumacki/Globe Staff(metro)

Moving in Boston: I moved when my lease was up this year. The build-up to the Sept. 1 shuffle around the city never fails to be anything less than stressful. Happy to have it behind me — at least for a few more years. — Christopher Gavin

Parking in Boston: I was a car owner until 2019, when my poor Toyota Corolla finally died. Since I don’t need a car for my commute, I’m going to try living a car-less life for a while. I officially no longer care about space-savers, resident stickers, or last-second construction announcements, and it already feels great. — Hayden Bird


Gronk drama: I’m not going to miss the on-again, off-again, will-he-play-or-won’t-he drama of Rob Gronkowski possibly coming out of retirement to join the Patriots. Gronk called not one, but two, surprise press conferences this year to announce what ended up being promotions. We love you, Gronk, and it’s clear Tom misses you, but we could do without the drama. Enjoy your retirement. — Gary Dzen

Being a Patriots fan: As a Wisconsin native raised in Massachusetts by two proud cheeseheads, I’ve always had divided loyalties when it comes to football. The Green Bay Packers are my ride-or-die team, but the Patriots have always been my AFC squad. Nevertheless, over the course of the 2019 season, I’ve slowly stopped watching Patriots games entirely. Part of my decision stems from the odious “defend the wall” fanaticism the organization inspires, but ultimately it’s mostly a matter of  priorities: Between watching the Packers, Badgers, and my favorite English Premier League team, I already spend too many precious hours in front of a TV. In 2020, I’m going to take more hikes, visit more museums, and make sure Bill Belichick never dictates my weekend schedule again. — Kevin Slane

Double IPAs: I’ll still be good with most regular IPAs, but this Northeast (and beyond) trend to make super hoppy, super strong IPAs is no longer for me. Especially now that most craft beers are sold in pint cans, anything with over an eight percent alcohol content just seems excessive. Luckily for me, many New England breweries are starting to diversify more (i.e. Night Shift’s Nite Lite), so I still should have plenty of options if I want to grab a cold one. — John Waller


“Hazy” beer: Sure, the New England IPA trend has probably already peaked in craft beer circles and it’s more en vogue to be focusing on sours or something headed into 2020. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t annoying to order a newfound beer at a bar advertised with buzzwords like “hazy” (or “juicy,” or both) and get something that looks more like apple juice than orange juice. It’s gotten to a point where any brewery promoting a beer as “hazy” has become a red flag. And while this isn’t necessarily a new development this year, I’m hoping it’s one that we leave in 2019. — Nik DeCosta-Klipa

Popeyes chicken sandwich: In 2019, I’m leaving behind the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich — the hype, the Twitter debates, the think pieces. It’s a good fried chicken sandwich. Here’s where you can get a better (local) one: Nani!? Chick’n Bunz. State Park. Flip the Bird. Hot Chix. — Erin Kuschner

Food delivery on demand: Having food delivered used to feel like a real treat, but now I find it way too easy to justify opening up Uber Eats or DoorDash (or whatever your deliverer of choice is) when I’m not feeling like going grocery shopping or cooking. I’m hoping to leave those tempting, way-too-convenient apps in 2019 for the sake of the environment — and my wallet. — Caroline Anders

Single-use plastics: 2020 is going to be the year I make like Globe reporter Janelle Nanos leave behind my mindless mindset with plastics and waste. Although single-use plastics are my main target, those Amazon boxes aren’t far behind. — Kaitlyn Johnston


Elaborate, dangerous gender reveal videos: Headline after headline in 2019 called attention to gender reveal celebrations gone terribly wrong, and in October, a woman in Iowa was killed by what authorities said was basically a pipe bomb set off during one such party. If you must document the moment you find out the gender of your baby in 2020, maybe trade in fireworks or anything meant to explode for the big surprise? It might not be as flashy for your social media followers, but there’s nothing wrong with a well-made cake. — Dialynn Dwyer

Overly-ripped jeans: I really hope 2020 brings the end of the overly ripped jeans fashion trend. I’m not talking about the ones just ripped at the bottom, or lacking a hem with the denim fraying. I mean the ones that are so ripped that they look like they should be sent off to some textile recycling place, but instead people are buying them this way. The horror. — Arianna MacNeill

A “mellow” Bruce Springsteen: I feel sacrilegious saying this, but I’m ready to leave behind mellow Bruce Springsteen (at least for now). I really enjoyed this year’s “Western Stars,” his string-laden tribute to 1970s Southern California pop. But it’s time for him to rev up the E Street Band, finish a new (hopefully hard-rocking and topical) album, and get out on the road with the most heart-stopping, booty-shaking, earth-quaking concert tour his 70-year-old body can handle. After all, the clock is ticking — we ain’t that young anymore. — Peter Chianca

Not going to the gym: I need to stop saying I can’t go to the gym because it’s too cold, I’m too hungry, or I’m too tired, etc. It’s so true that half the battle is actually getting there. I’m going to get there more in 2020. — Kristi Palma

Not getting enough sleep: As a new parent, I know this much: Prolonged sleep deprivation really is a form of torture. My two-year-old only recently started sleeping through the night, but he still wakes at 5 a.m. I’m going to leave behind late nights and finally get enough shuteye in 2020. — Emily Turner

Starting a book and not finishing it: I have piles upon piles of books I’ve collected over the years, most of which I’ve started but not gotten all the way through. In 2019, I was so caught up with writing and finishing school, I only finished one book, “The Tribes of Palos Verdes” by Joy Nicholson. I want to make it my goal to not only get through that stack of books, but to read some new ones along the way. — Deyscha Smith

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