Mother’s Day: Don’t Forget Flowers and Social Media

We have, in fact, reached “peak mom on social media.’’

Instagram is chock full of moms. Consider yourself warned.

Some people apparently use the opportunity to post a flattering photo of mom.

Justin Bieber did it.

For others, the trend calls into doubt whether their mom is, in fact, the BEST mom.

For others still, it’s a chance to point out to mom that the fact that they are using social media at all is her fault. #BLAMEMOM

If your mom isn’t constantly monitoring your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat accounts, you should probably pick up the phone and call.


Even if your mom knows how highly you think of her, shouldn’t everyone else know, too?

Some people think it’s weird to say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ on social media.

But posting about your mom on social media isn’t actually about whether she will see it.

It’s a competition. Someone else saying their mom is the best is essentially them saying your mom isn’t the best. Are you gonna take that?

For Generation Y, living at home, celebrating Mother’s Day, and relying on social media for virtually all communication converge on this one, single day:

It’s at the point where if you don’t say something nice about your mom on social media, people start to wonder:

I mean, you say everything else via social media.

Some day, Mother’s Day tweets won’t be representative of a generational divide.

The ultimate existential Mother’s Day question:

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