Did New England’s First Babies of 2015 Get the Trendiest Names?

Rylee Margaret, the first baby born in the Boston area, is on trend with her middle name.
Rylee Margaret, the first baby born in the Boston area, is on trend with her middle name. –Mattew J. Lee/The Boston Globe

Parents will name their kids just about anything, which is proven by the New York City list of popular baby names released this week that includes Trany, Asma, Malaysia, and Legend.

But baby names do follow trends each year, according to Nameberry.com, the site for all things related to baby names. Each year, the site predicts the new year’s hottest naming trends. We tell you about 12 of the site’s 2015 trend predictions and whether New England’s first born babies of 2015 are following them.

Old-Fashioned Names

Old-fashioned names like Gus and Hazel are still desirable (this was a hot trend in 2014). It doesn’t hurt that Hazel and Gus happen to be the names of the couple in the hit book and movie “The Fault in Our Stars.’’


The first baby born in the Boston area was named Rylee Margaret. She was born to Spencer Weigman and Donna Hill of Revere. Her old-fashioned middle name is right on trend. It’s the name of her grandmother.

Defining Names

Want to make a statement? Choose a name with a clear definition. Think Royal, Saint, Titan, and Rowdy. More parents will be doing this in 2015.

The parents of the first baby born in Rhode Island Thursday refused to be interviewed so we don’t know the baby’s name. Perhaps it’s Shy.

Middle Name Heroes

Parents will give their children middle names that reflect their sports, music, and literary heroes. —Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Some parents will insert their favorite sports, music, and literary heroes into their child’s name by choosing those heroes as middle names, according to Nameberry. The site suggests parents will choose names like LeBron, Guthrie, and Angelou. We think New England parents will choose the name Brady, don’t you?

Girl’s Name? No longer.

Some parents will name their sons Courtney, Elisha, Robin, and Madison, according to Nameberry. Yup, unisex names are hot. Last year, the hot trend was using unisex names for their little girls’ middle names.

It looks like that trend is still going strong in New Hampshire, where the first baby born in 2015 was a girl named Harper Deane. She was born to Jennifer Como of Ossipee, N.H.


Southern Flair

Say hello to little Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Tennessee in the new year. We demand to know, why aren’t parents naming their babies Massachusetts, Maine, or Vermont? We’re good enough, we’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like us!

‘Orange is the New Black’

Actress Taylor Schilling plays Piper in “Orange is the New Black.’’ —Reuters

Pop Culture often influences baby names. And apparently parents don’t even mind if the inspiration behind their baby’s name is a prisoner, according to Nameberry, which predicts parents will name their daughters Piper after the main character in the Netflix hit “Orange is the New Black.’’

Endings: ‘Bella,’ ‘Ett,’ and ‘O’

Parents will be paying particular attention to how their baby’s name ends. Trendy parents will add “bella’’ to the end of their baby girl’s name (think Isabella, Arabella, Rosabella), add “ett’’ to the end of their baby boy’s name (think Emmett, Beckett, Bennett), and add the “o’’ sound to the end of baby’s name (think Marlow, Willow, Indigo).

The Lure of the X

Parents will want to incorporate the letter X into their children’s names. Hello, Lennox, Beatrix, Felix, Baxter, Paxton, and Axel. He may not be in New England, but New York City’s first baby of 2015, born exactly at midnight, is proving he’s trendy with the name Maxim.

Short and Sweet

According to Nameberry, the hottest names in Europe are short and simple. This trend is heading our way too as parents pick names like Eva, Finn, Jack, Isa, and Lou.


The first baby born in Maine this year, Wil, has a short name. His parents even abbreviated the common spelling of this already short name by dropping the second “l.’’ Baby Wil was born to Chad Vander Lugt and Amanda Adcock of Gardiner, Maine. He was named after his great grandfathers Wilbert and William.

Colorful Names

Babies with colorful names like Violet will burst onto the scene in 2015. —Flickr/Pawel

If color is what you’re after, names like Lavender, Lilac, Mauve, Violet, Blue, and Scarlett will be bursting on the scene in 2015.

Food Names

Kale was hot food in 2014. And it’s slated to be a hot baby name in 2015. On its heels will be other greenery-inspired names such as Lettice and Romaine. Parents, if you go this route, please don’t name your next child tomato.

Celtic Names

Ethnic names such as Fiona, Greer, Lachlan, Declan, Angus, and Finlay will be hot.

Patrick Smith and Ann Werner of Hamden, Conn. are on trend with their son’s name Declan. He was the first baby born in Connecticut Thursday.

As for Vermont, the Green Mountain State’s first baby, Emma Grace, is bucking these trends. Her name doesn’t fall into any of the above categories. She was born to Nicole Benedict and Andrew Densmore.

Congratulations to all the new parents!

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