Know any farmer/cowboy/artist types?

Boston daters, news flash. There aren’t enough men!

OK, so maybe you’ve already noted this phenomenon out in the dating trenches, but it’s true at Dinner With Cupid, too. Of course, the column features daters of all ages, genders, orientations, etc. But right now, we seem to have a glut of awesome straight women in their 30s.

Here’s a sampling:

* The new executive director of a nonprofit whose perfect Saturday just might wind up with “something utterly ridiculous like a Wii bowling tournament or Journey sing-along.’’

* The MBA candidate who drinks dirty martinis and enjoys hanging out in libraries. She’s tall, and she just read “Bright Lights, Big City.’’


* The vegetarian Houston native who “likes going to the gun range’’ and is into cycling. She’s looking to meet “a farmer/cowboy/artist’’-type. (You thought I made that up?)

So. Are you a straight man in your 30s? Do you know one? To sign up for a Cupid date–we’ll pick up the tab–go to It does take about 10 minutes–we ask lots of questions because we want to make great matches. In fact, our record’s pretty good. Thanks for spreading the word.

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