The firefighter who got away

We thought we had a killer match this week: They’re both passionate about their jobs and kids, and they’re both always looking for their next adventure. But the Cupid editors were proven wrong. What do you think happened?


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WHEN SHE’S HAPPIEST When I am running. Call it a runner’s high — I just call it peaceful.

WHAT MAKES HER A GOOD CATCH Integrity, honesty, loyalty, and dedication.

WHAT VISITORS TO HER HOME NOTICE FIRST You could eat off the floor. I enjoy keeping a clean and orderly home. I have no clutter.




HIS PERFECT SATURDAY Riding through the mesas of New Mexico on my motorcycle as the sun rises, followed by kayaking down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon

WHO PLAYS HIM IN A MOVIE Depending on who wrote the screenplay, it could be Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, or Danny DeVito. 




PETE I was a little anxious driving in for the date because of the traffic. Once I knew I would be on time, I was pretty relaxed.

CARA I was very nervous, as I have never been on a blind date.

PETE When Cara walked in, I was hoping I wasn’t wrong in assuming it was her.

CARA I noticed his salt-and-pepper hair, which I think looks distinguished and handsome on men.


CARA He is a kind and considerate individual. . . . I immediately could see that he has integrity.

PETE I found out Cara’s dad is a big fan of Dinner With Cupid and actually encouraged her to fill out the application.

CARA We are both committed to being the best parents possible. We both enjoy staying in shape. Beyond that, we don’t have a lot in common.


PETE She is a very positive, pleasant, and friendly person. She also is an adventurous soul.

CARA I think our backgrounds are very different, and it was easy to see this from the beginning.


PETE After dinner I asked Cara if she would like to go to the Beehive, a jazz club across the street.

CARA It turned out Pete had made a reservation at the Beehive in case we had a decent dinner, which I thought was cute.

PETE We just found a spot by the bar where we could hang out and have a drink, chat, and listen to the band.


PETE It was after midnight and Cara decided it was time to head out, as we both had a pretty long ride home.

CARA We exchanged numbers and gave each other a quick hug.

PETE I told her to thank her dad for putting her up to this.


PETE This date was a solid A.



PETE If it’s up to me, there will definitely be another date.

CARA Pete is a very nice guy, but I don’t think we are a match, so I would not go on another date with him.  — Compiled by Andrew Doerfler

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Coming next week, quite possibly the best blind date ever.

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