Baby it’s cold …

A colleague told me last week that his daughter, who is 13, reads the “grades’’ at the end of Cupid before the actual column. (The colleague does, too, he said.)

His daughter comes to the column with a strong sense of justice and ethics. She gets mad at daters who describe a perfectly lovely evening together then give the blind date a bad grade and say they never want to see the person again.

Here’s a twist on that. John gives a B+, Heather an A-. Now read on . . .


Business analyst

WHEN HE’S HAPPIEST When I am at a hockey game or watching sports in general; also when I am with my family


WHAT MAKES HIM A GOOD CATCH I have a good head on my shoulders (financially, emotionally, all around).


Medical Assistant

WHEN SHE’S HAPPIEST When I’m with a close group of friends, just being ourselves, having fun and going on adventures

WHAT HER EXES LOVED I’m very sweet and funny in my quirky way.



JOHN I got there a little early and walked around. It’s a nice area but it was FREEZING.

HEATHER I was a bit nervous, not knowing what I was walking into, but I was open-minded.

JOHN I asked [to wait at] our table, then spent the next 10 minutes wondering if every person who walked in the door was Heather. At 7, the host brought her over.

HEATHER I was a couple minutes late.

JOHN I thought she was very cute. I like blond hair, and she was dressed very nicely.

HEATHER He got up to give me a quick hug and then we got right into talking. He seemed pretty at ease.

JOHN I was nervous but kept [thinking], she signed up for this, too, so she is in the same position.


HEATHER I thought he was cute. Once the initial nervousness of not knowing who I was having dinner with subsided, it was a very comfortable dinner; he was easy to talk to.


JOHN I was very interested in her job in the medical field. I think it’s great that she enjoys helping people.

HEATHER We talked about a variety of things, from where we grew up and went to school to what we do for work and for fun.

JOHN She said that she thought of [going to] pastry school and opening a cupcake place, which I think is neat.

HEATHER I found out he takes a cruise with his family pretty much every Christmas.

JOHN I felt comfortable, more than I [expected].

HEATHER We’re both pretty laid-back and willing to try new things. He had a kind of subtle humor that I enjoyed.


HEATHER I knew pretty soon into dinner that it was going to be an enjoyable date. It just felt like a good conversation with a friend.

JOHN The entire meal was a great experience. Plus, it was freezing outside. Why would I want to leave?

HEATHER It was getting a little cold sitting by the window. We exchanged numbers while we were on the T, hugged, and agreed it was a nice evening and that we would talk soon.

JOHN I got her number and gave her mine.





JOHN Hmm, we will see. I wouldn’t rule anything out.

HEATHER He was a good dinner date, but there was no romantic connection . . . the feelings just weren’t there.  — Compiled by Jessica Teich 

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