Una bella notte

Will these daters be starry-eyed after meeting in the North End?

Every once in a while, Cupid gets a double A+. (Nice job, Steph Hiltz, at matching these two.) Read on . . .



WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH? I like to look on the bright side and make the most out of every situation.

HER HOBBIES Irish dancing, reading, and kayaking


WHAT MAKES HIM A CATCH? I’m easygoing — I love to go out as much as staying in and making dinner and watching a movie.

HIS HOBBIES Running, outdoor activities, BBQing, and brewing beer



SAM I brought a few things to work with me to freshen up at the office.


MIKE I left work a little late and I walked around the waterfront for a bit.

SAM I was very nervous.

MIKE I was a little nervous but excited.

SAM I’ve never been on a date this blind before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

MIKE I wasn’t sure if Sam was inside yet, so I popped my head in.


SAM I had seen him waiting as I approached and wondered if he was Mike.

MIKE I asked if she was Samantha.

SAM We shook hands and introduced ourselves.

MIKE I thought Sam was really cute and she wore a nice navy blue dress.

SAM He had a nice smile. Off the bat, he seemed like a kind, sweet person.

MIKE We admitted [later] we were a little nervous at the beginning.

SAM I think we became comfortable with each other pretty quickly.

MIKE We got engrossed in conversation and took a bit to order drinks and our oysters.

SAM We both ordered a Fisherman’s ale.

MIKE We talked about everything: work, school, music, growing up, family, favorite beer, and our love of seafood.

SAM We talked about where we were from, as well as where we worked.


MIKE Sam seemed to be her cute self from the start.

SAM Early on, I thought that there was a lot of potential.

MIKE The food and the service were amazing.

SAM It was fresh and tasted very good, but I liked Mike’s dish more.

MIKE We just seemed to click.

SAM We had quite a lot in common.

MIKE I kept thinking she looked like Jennifer Garner.

SAM He was confident, but not in a cocky way, which I find very appealing.

MIKE Time flew by way too fast.


SAM We walked to Modern Pastry and got cannolis.

MIKE We enjoyed them in a garden. That was my “I really like this person’’ moment.

SAM We danced a little at the Fisherman’s Feast.

MIKE We ended up slow dancing in the middle of the street.

SAM While listening to the music I felt confident enough to kiss him.

MIKE We kissed good night and walked to our train stations.

SAM What more can a girl ask for on a blind date?


MIKE I’d like to go out again with Sam. I enjoyed her company and conversation.

SAM Definitely. I’d be interested in getting to know Mike more.



SAM A+ — Compiled by Steph Hiltz

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