W Hotel will dedicate a social media concierge to your wedding for $3,000

Chump change.

The four W Hotels in New York City are now offering a new service in the form of social media wedding concierges, who will prep your wedding for its upmost social media potential. The “unique concept’’ costs $3,000 and lists its duties to include: live tweeting your wedding and reception, creating Pinterest boards to “inspire’’ your honeymoon plans and registry, and create a “wedding social media recap’’ featuring the “best tweets and instagrams sent during the wedding.’’

They will also create a “unique wedding #hashtag’’ and then enforce the use among guests during the wedding and reception. The hotel group’s press release (as tweeted by Huffington Post executive tech editor,. Bianca Bosker —@bbosker) declares: “With social media as a growing, integral part of documenting the entire wedding experience, the hotels are now offering brides and grooms the opportunity to take advantage of this trend and put a spin on ‘something borrowed’ by borrowing one of W’s social media experts to document their special day via social media.’’


We’ve heard of couples banning social media at their weddings for fear that the uninvited and acquaintances will receive their first glimpse of their meticiously planned day via a blurry picture posted on Facebook, or that people will spent the entire night Instagramming their steak tartare instead of socializing, god forbid. But this is next level.

On a side note, for free, I can make a hashtag for anyone considering this service right here, right now — but you probably won’t like it. Pinterest boards not included. #NoThanks

H/t Romenesko

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