Honey Maid: When life gives you haters, make honeycomb

Honey Maid is making a statement against the backlash they received after their “This is Wholesome’’ ad campaign, which featured same-sex and interracial families enjoying some tasty graham snacks, debuted last month. While some praised Nabisco’s 30-second TV spot, it also earned them plenty of nasty social media commentary and a One Million Moms campaign, demanding a protest of the grahams and acccusing the company of “pushing the LGBT agenda’’ by requesting the use of the hashtag #thisiswholesome.

Obviously, they did not find the ad to be very wholesome.

So, one month later, Honey Maid struck back. The company asked two artists to print out the negative comments they received and requested they turn them into something else. The artists rolled the negative comments, stacked them, and formed a 3-D honeycomb sculpture of the word “Love,’’ surrounded by a cloud of the positive comments received, which were notably more than ten times as many. They conclude: “Proving that only one thing really matters when it comes to family… ’’


Moral of the story? Haters gonna hate, but you catch more flies with honey…

h/t LA Times

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