Lefties are apparently having better sex

Leftie, you?
Leftie, you? –iStock

A new survey claims that left-handed people are dramatically more satisfied with their sex life than their right-handed counterparts. LELO, a Swedish adult lifestyle product brand, polled 10,000 people and reported that 86 percent of left-handed recipients said they were “extremely satisfied’’ with their sex life, compared to a mere 15 percent of righties.

This obviously went on to promote a new LELO sex toy that claims to “give the North paws a little taste of the South paw sex drive’’ by stimulating a right-hander’s underused right-side of the brain by clenching a vibrating ball in their left hand. This will allegedly not only get righties to start thinking with that left-handed mentality, it goes on to claim that it will increase your ability to have “superior memory.’’ Right. Or do we mean, left? It’s all so confusing these days.


Why exactly lefties are having better sex is still pretty vague. Time Magazine took a stab at decoding the logic, saying that because everyday life tasks are basically “engineered for righties — like using desks or playing video games or opening cans — lefties are off perfecting other skills.’’ Sure, we’ll take it. And we’ll take all those years of having to order “special’’ scissors over mediocre sex any day.

h/t Time

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