Rhode Island Wedding Results in 74 Norovirus Victims

BRB — Covering everything I own in Lysol.
BRB — Covering everything I own in Lysol. –iStock

An April 5 wedding at the West Valley Inn in West Warwick resulted in a norovirus outbreak, affecting 74 guests — but rest assured, it wasn’t the venue’s fault! The Providence Journal reported that a food-safety investigation by the Rhode Island Health Department could not determine the official source, but there was no evidence that it was caused by the vendor involved.

The norovirus — in case it has not haunted your dreams already — is a highly-contagious gastrointestinal virus that can be easily transmitted by contaminated surfaces and consumed substances. It was officially declared the cause of the mass illness, but health officials told the Journal no further cases had been reported by guests of this wedding or the three additional weddings that took place at the same venue that evening. The venue did, however, walk away with a handful of minor health violations, but Dr. Michael Fine of the Rhode Island Department of Health says there were also no links between the violations and the outbreak.


The West Valley Inn, which offers a relatively mammoth banquet-style menu, released an official statement to Providence’s WLNE declaring their clean bill of health status.

Our kitchen, staff and facility have been inspected and cleared of any bacterial concern, and it is business as usual at West Valley Inn as we look forward to a celebration of Easter this weekend.

West Valley Inn is committed to serving our guests in the highest of quality standards and value, and we remain, “Rhode Island’s Premier Banquet Facility.’’

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