You’re Invited to Our Wedding: Be Prepared to Go Super Broke

Money and love make the world go ‘round — right??
Money and love make the world go ‘round — right?? –iStock

The cost to attend a wedding has jumped 75 percent in the past two years, with guests doling out an average of $592 per event. An American Express survey published by MarketWatch revealed the rise in expenses — which can include transportation, hotel arrangements, attire, and pre-event activities — after surveying 1,500 Americans this year. And no, this doesn’t include the gift.

American Express blames the correlating rise in costs being spent by couples to throw their wedding — raising the bar on their celebration also heightens the expectations for their guests. This, however, is presented as a silver lining by MarketWatch who says cash-strapped guests can find solace in knowing that couples are also spending more than ever to “make it worth the trip.’’ A statistics report released by The Knot in March said brides and grooms are spending an average of $220 per guest on food and entertainment. In turn, MarketWatch says guests are still spending just as much, if not slightly more, on gifts as they were two years ago. The study also states costs for the wedding party are just slightly higher than guests, averaging $618 per person, and honestly almost sounds like a better deal because at least you get to ride in the limo.


It’s all rather cyclical — in a totally evil, industry-driven sort of way.

MarketWatch also interviewed Ummu Bradley Thomas, the founder of a finishing and modeling school in Maryland, who says the increase in “lavish’’ arrangements can be blamed on “celebrity weddings and reality TV,’’ which is… well, terrible.

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