10 Best 10-Word OKCupid Date Stories From Reddit

Most young adults don’t turn to online dating, a survey shows.
This is how it works, right? –Igor Stevanovic

By far one of the best Reddit threads on the internet today involves users describing their “best OkC date story, in 10 words or less!’’ Many go straight into first date nightmare territory, and for the most part, they’re wildly entertaining — especially because we’re the ones reading them and not the ones living them!

They warned: “Edit: And all version of ‘we banged,’ or ‘had sex,’ or ‘no pants dance,’ will be down voted. Hopefully.’’ This worked, sort of. Crude humor haters, be warned.

Here are our 10 favorites so far:

watched “escape from LA’’ on netflix in a café


Going to the movies is so darn expensive these days.

Waterfall kisses and froyo. Meow meow meow meow meow meow.

This just sounds like one giant .gif.

Three female friends+ went with me to sex club, orgy.

This didn’t happen.

She’s Dominitrix, date at dungeon, 2nd date, realized possibly male.

This probably did.

He thought my allergies were “a joke’’. Nope. Emergency room.

Does that count as a second date?

“Want to get some takeout?’’“Can’t, I’m on house arrest.’’

But… they deliver?

30-hour date of laying in bed and watching Cosmos.

We told you this show was going to be a hit!

She brought her friend. I made out with her friend.

Lesson learned: Don’t bring your friend to a first date.

Best coffee I’ve ever had; found new coffee place.

Now that’s a success story!

drank on park bench; he fought a hobo for me.

Who said chivalry is dead?

h/t The Date Report

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