Are You Single? — Facebook Wants to Know

Facebook — THEY NEED TO KNOW! –Michael Dalder/Files/REUTERS

Facebook introduced a new feature this week where users can ask users of an undefined status whether or not they’re in a relationship with just the click of a button.

Tell me tell me tell me!

In a thinly veiled attempt to dip their toe into the online dating pool, Facebook rolled out an “ask’’ button that appears next to a user’s blank relationship status bar. Curious users can take the trouble out of formally asking by instead unceremoniously clicking “ask,’’ which then sends a notification to the user alerting them that you’ve requested their status.

This appears as an option for users who are your friends as well as users who are not your friends, so creepers everywhere now have the option to demand you formally define your love life with the same amount of effort they put into clicking a link.


They also have the option to “include a note’’ with their request — which to be honest, if they’re using Facebook to ask about your personal life, I’m going to say they probably won’t — and appears on the receiving end with a very authoritative notice that “Creepy McCreeperson requested your relationship status.’’

I need to know!

Gizmodo notes (to be fair) that the new options also allow you to request a user define their hometown, but I have a feeling one entitlement has more of an ability to be abused than the other.

Almost makes you pine for the days when a simple “poke’’ qualified as a virtual flirty wink across the room, doesn’t it?

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