Here’s a Tip: Maybe Don’t Take Wedding Photos on a Flimsy Dock

Wedding photos are often a timeless keepsake that the special couple will treasure forever. But for one couple in Minnesota, that might not be so true.

This duo piled onto a dock in Crosslake, Minnesota with 20 groomsmen and bridesmaids, not really giving much thought to the fact that 22 people is a lot of weight. As you might expect, things did not go according to plan as the flimsy boards shifted and then collapsed under a bunch of people in tuxedos and gowns. The result is hilarious.

Of course, while most of the wedding party is doomed pretty much immediately, the best part is the four bridesmaids farthest to the right who manage to escape. Everyone knows that the farther you are from the couple, the less important you are, so it’s a good bet that those ladies had no qualms about bailing on the bride. And good for them! When you’re on the outskirts, averting crises isn’t your job. Let the maid of honor deal with that mess.

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