Map Says Boston Men Are Friend-Zoning You

–Courtesy of Lulu

Lulu—the explicitly “for girls’’ date/friend/hookup/ex-rating app that lets users annonymously rank dudes — released a map of their most popular negative and positive traits in major cities.

The app has a specific group of hashtagged characteristics — ranging from personality (#AlwaysHappy, #NerdyButILikeIt) to physical and sexual attributes (#GreatHair, #PornEducated) — and asks its users to check all that apply. Based on the feedback, Lulu gives the guys a rating and their profiles (average score, full name, education information, and all!) are set out into the wild for future dalliances to see.

It seems slightly alarming/invasive/objectifying, but Lulu says all of their male users have voluntarily signed up to be rated and can be removed with the click of a button.


For Boston, top results go to:

#OneOfTheGoodOnes — Cute.

#CharmedMyPantsOff — Sure.

#JustFriends — Ouch.

Other cities that made the cut: Miami, where you’ll find a guy that #AlwaysPays but has a #SketchyCallLog, and San Fracisco, where your future boyfriend might have a great #WorthEthic, but a #QuestionableSearchHistory. (The irony.)

Can’t win anywhere, can you?

h/t TIME

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