Market Basket Missed Connections

Grocery stores are the new Tinder.
Grocery stores are the new Tinder. –iStock

With the current climate at Market Basket stores around New England extremely tense, it’s sort of comforting to know that devoted shoppers are still finding love amidst the aisles. You may remember these previous love connections in Market Baskets around New England, but it turns out the summer lovin’ has continued.

Here are just 10 of the folks who were hit by cupid at Market Basket this summer:

1. beautiful woman Market Basket North Andover – m4w (North Andover)

I have never done this but thought I’d give it a shot….Saturday early evening around 6:15pm we were both shopping and heading in opposite directions up the aisles. I checked out before you and was hoping to see you in the parking lot. We made eye contact several times and I’m regretting not speaking to you.


You: 30 – 35 yrs old ( i could be off a bit) approx 5-5. dirty blond, light brown shoulder length hair, you were wearing white shorts and a grey(i think) t shirt or top. fair complexion, great body and beautiful eyes and smile. You opened the egg container to check for breakage : ) and you were not wearing a wedding or engagement ring.

Me: A few yrs older than you 5-11 med build, brown hair and eyes. Black T shirt and dark plaid shorts, visor and sunglasses. I would love to meet you.

Well, this one is clearly meant to be. On the mean streets of North Andover, where North Face fleeces are worn to venture to the rugged terrain at the Rockingham Mall, this gentleman is hanging out by the dairy department looking for his very own spring chicken. Not only did he pick one heck of a lady, but she’s also the type that opens up the egg container to check for breakage. That’s pretty much the sign of a reliable lady. Also, nice mention of your visor and sunglasses. I think we all know how devastatingly bright the lights in the dairy department can be.

2. market basket – m4m – 48 (Westford)


Saw you in market basket Friday Pm. You were talking about your bonus you will not get no more. Your cute like to meet up.

It seems Friday night is quite the bustling scene at the Basket, even in bucolic Westford. This guy keeps it short but sweet, really sticking to the basics: “Your cute.’’ And while I’m no expert, I’d probably would avoid the whole “talking about your bonus,’’ aspect when writing a Missed Connection, because nobody really wants to be reminded that they won’t be able to pay their mortgage while they’re being hit on.

3. Danvers Market Basket – you were in grey – m4w

I can’t believe I am posting on this site… but what are the chances really. I was with some friends on Friday. And I turned and saw the most beautiful girl. I was shocked at how taken I was with the sight of someone. I was completely stunned. You were wearing grey leggings and a grey shirt, and had some awesome tattoos. Just shopping by yourself. I am not even sure you noticed me. But what does it hurts throwing this into the universe… If and the if is huge – let’s grab a drink! Haha

Now this one is a bit of a puzzle. This femme fatale is dressed in head to toe gray, and was “just shopping by yourself.’’ I didn’t realize going to the grocery store was a team sport. Unless you have kids in the carriage, I’m pretty sure most people go to the supermarket alone.


4. Strawberry Toss – m4w – 40 (Market Basket)


You threw strawberries at me. I really liked your energy.

Talk about basic. This dude really couldn’t even be bothered to try here. But even more questionable is the apparent fact that a woman was standing in the product department chucking strawberries at people. But it is Billerica, where on Monday a man used a back scratcher as a weapon, according to the Lowell Sun. So, you know, I guess throwing some fruit isn’t that severe.

5. Tewksbury Market Basket deli – w4m – 23 (Tewksbury, MA)

I work at the Oakdale Market Basket deli on 1900 Main Street, Tewksbury. I had just dealt with a jerk yelling at me, and you went out of your way to tell me that I was right and not to let him get to me. I really appreciated that. Also, ;-).

This one is kind of cute. It features a guy helping out a girl who probably gets walked all over by customers every day. Can you imagine what it’s like slicing beef all day, only to get yelled at by grouchy people who want thinner cuts? But I will say, that gratuitous smiley face at the end might have pushed me over the edge.

6. Market Basket – m4m – 33 (Leominster)

Saw you in the back of Market Basket around 6pm on Sunday, you were hangin out with a friend, I asked you for a lighter, you gave me one and I gave you a butt…thanks dude…soo love to give you head dude

Well this is really putting it all out there, huh? In innocent Leominster, a guy just happened to be hanging out at the Basket with friends on Sunday night. I hear that’s actually how a lot of Leominster keeps the Sabbath day holy, by the way. Anyway, they did the ol’ lighter/cigarette exchange, which apparently is a dual-purpose sex invite. A for effort.

7. We go to Gold’s and met at Market Basket – m4m (New Bedford)

We talked last night at Market Basket. I would like to go out with you. Not in a rush at all.

Okay this guy isn’t even trying. Put a little effort into it. “Not in a rush at all’’? That’s nice that you’re not rushing anyone, but this is Craigslist, not Grindr. It’s like delivering a letter via Pony Express vs. email.

8. Fitchburg Market Basket – m4w (Fitchburg)

I helped you load your groceries Thursday morning after you ran over your hamburger rolls with your cart. I wanted to ask you for your number, but was too shy. We talked a little, and you seemed nice. I’d love to talk again. You will probably never read this, but if you do, send me a message. Tell me where you work.

This one is also kind of cute. Not only did he assist this lady when her barbecue supplies were brutally assaulted by her grocery cart, but he was too shy to ask for her number. If this was a teen movie, it’d probably star Joseph Gordon Levitt as a shy but lovable outcast who moves to town and falls for the head cheerleader.

9. market basket Bellingham brunette cougar with see thru shirt on – m4w – 33 (Bellingham)

This was Sunday around 1130 am passed by you a few times…your shirt was see thru and your breasts looked so amazing….did u do this on purpose??? I so wanted to talk to u…you are brunette prob late 40s??

Ummmmm… apparently this gal has quite the snazzy getup for going to the supermarket at 11:30 on a Sunday morning. What is this? The Avalon in 2004? I give her props for workin’ it, but leave a little something to the imagination.

10. Market Basket – m4m (Leominster)

Sunday morning around 7 You wearing green shorts, black ac/dc tee shirt and black cap. I would love to blow you. If you see this let me know why you left the store and came back in.

Again, WOW. But I do understand the appeal of a guy in an AC/DC shirt. It’s hard to not be thunderstruck by a bad boy in an AC/DC shirt, as any chick who uses Aqua Net can tell you. But the last part, about “why you left the store and came back in,’’ is kind of strange, unless it’s to “return his grocery cart.’’ Because I’m pretty sure the majority of shoppers who buy more than 13 items do that.

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