Wedding Social Media Habit Survey Stats Shock, Slightly Annoy

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A survey by the Knot and Mashable revealed some surprising (and some not-so-surprising) stats about brides-to-be and their social media activity. For me, the most intriguing had to be the mere 28 percent of women who say they announced their engagement via social media within hours of the proposal. In the age of engagement ring selfies and “hand-lift’’ procedures, I’m shocked these numbers don’t lean more toward instantaneous. Some (24 percent) manage to wait until the next day while even less (21 percent) post within a week.

Meanwhile, 73 percent of couples said they would log on to social media during their honeymoon. (Not shocking.) How else would you know if your new husband is having a good time on your trip if he hasn’t liked your latest Insta pic?


The New York Observer’s BetaBeat also pointed out that a whooping 70 percent of brides-to-be admitted to creating wedding-themed Pinterest boards before they got engaged. They write, “We’ve always known that Pinterest obsessives had a soft spot for planning their nuptials, but we had no idea how intense it was.’’

To be fair—the survey is language is pretty loose. They refer to their subjects as couples, but the survey title notes the results reflect “new digital trends for brides.’’ But based on the context, one would assume their subjects are, in fact, engaged women, who will or have married.

Funny enough, the survey also revealed 51 percent of women “became more realistic with their pins after getting engaged,’’ and it would be interesting to see if this behavior transferred to other aspirational categories for users. Like, does a “Dream Decor’’ board become more realistic when you buy a new home? And does your “My Look’’ board start to include semi-annual sale clothing pins when you actually look at your paycheck?

Food for thought.

h/t BetaBeat

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