Weed-Infused Weddings Are All the Rage in Legal States

Ah, love is in the air!
Ah, love is in the air! –iStock

In uncanny timing with the New York Times’ editorial board endorsement of the legalization of marijuana, the Style section ran a story about the rise of weed-infused weddings in pot-friendly states. The story focuses on recent weddings that not only incorporated cannabis buds into their bouquets and serve THC-laced treats, they offered joints, freely, to their guests in welcome bags or passed as an open bar alternative during the reception.

The Times writes:

Many pot enthusiasts think of alcohol as an old-fashioned, old-school toxin whose overuse can inflame family tensions and cause people to say horrible things, especially at weddings. In comparison, marijuana, they contend, is more like a tonic that calms people down and makes them like each other more rather than less — perfect for a wedding, they say.

Fair enough. But make no mistake; the weed-volution of the wedding industry is nearly up to Martha Stewart standards.

One wedding described in the story featured a cigar/joint bar, while another used teeny-tiny pot plants as table markers for guests to take home. One woman, who opened an Alma, Colo.-based business that specializes in incorporating this new trend into your wedding, says certain strains can change the entire mood of the nuptials. She tells the Times, “If there are two conflicting families who are not too happy about the wedding, you might want to find a strain that will make them a bit more euphoric.’’


h/t The Cut

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